Low Amniotic Fluid

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Re : Low Amniotic Fluid

Postby brianned5 » Wed Jul 10, 638920 3:02 am

I delivered at 36 weeks due to low fluid. Monday fluid level was high 10, by Friday when I went in for my amnio to check for lung maturity my fluid had decreased to low 5. They admitted me and gave me tons of iv fluids. It went back up to low 10's. I stayed all weekend and delivered via c-section Monday. They gave me steroids over the weekend and my baby had no problems. My doctor delivered because he said usually when the fluid decreases drastically it's time for the baby to come out. In your case, since you still have a ways to go I think you should be fine with very close monitoring. Good luck!

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Re : Low Amniotic Fluid

Postby laura » Tue Jul 09, 638920 7:17 am

Man, where are all the oligohydramnios girls? I am, my oligo baby will be seven in April.

Here's the deal with low fluid: sometimes when the placenta isn't working optimally, the babe can get less blood flow than he or she needs to grow. To preserve the development of the baby's brain, the available blood flow is directed towards the head, rather than the rest of the body- including the kidneys, and the critter slows down peeing (the main source of amniotic fluid).

There's two classes of oligohydramnios (according to me, as it is mostly in my head) there's a 'hey, let's watch this kid to make sure he is getting enough of everything and is growing properly' and then the 'hey, there's a real problem, let's get as close as we can to term and deliver' As the others mentioned, if you've less than 5 cm of fluid and they start getting a little ancy.

You can look at this chart for what's normal for each week of gestation:

Being 'low' usually gets you monitored, particularly if you're after 28 weeks with Biophysical profiles and non-stress tests. Anecdotally, the more you can rest on your left side will maximize blood flow to your uterus. I've also heard that gatorade can help some women, you might want to drink a lot before your AFI (amniotic fluid index) and see if it makes a difference. It didn't for me. And do your kick counts! Keep track and you may be able to observe patterns over time that will help you assess how baby is doing on the inside. Best of luck!

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jamie w
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Re : Low Amniotic Fluid

Postby jamie w » Tue May 14, 638920 5:02 pm

Mine was not over 10 from about 30 weeks on. I was delivered when it reached <5.

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Re : Low Amniotic Fluid

Postby julieb » Tue May 14, 638920 1:22 am

I was admitted when my fluid got to 3 and DS was delivered the next morning. I think how long you can hang on depends on your placenta and baby...my placenta just quit working at that point and it was safer for DS to be delivered, he also had absent end-diastolic flow though so we had other issues too! I hope you get a few more weeks!

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Re : Low Amniotic Fluid

Postby healinghands71 » Tue May 14, 638920 12:45 am

just adding to the last 2 replies... i am not an esperienced one for that either, but wanted to send thoughts and prayers for you and baby and that everything will be ok! everyone here is always so good for that extra hug and prayer!

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Re : Low Amniotic Fluid

Postby jmom08 » Mon May 13, 638920 10:24 pm

I don't have experience with low fluid either, but wanted to send hugs & good thoughts!!

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Re : Low Amniotic Fluid

Postby mellybute » Mon May 13, 638920 9:48 pm

Will keep you and baby in my prayers that you have a few more steady weeks. I don't have experience with the low fluid, but I will be thinking about you!!

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Re : Low Amniotic Fluid

Postby trish » Mon May 13, 638920 7:47 pm

Glad to see protein hanging steady & BP looking so good! I think they only consider fluid too low if it gets under 5 - or possibly even 3. I tended toward too much fluid with mine so I don't have personal experience.

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Low Amniotic Fluid

Postby brockner1 » Mon May 13, 638920 5:22 pm

Yesterday evening i had appointment with my regular OB and was told that i had low amniotic fluid (7.9) at the ultrasound appt i had on Monday at MFM office and that he wants to check amniotic fluid level again. He got 10.3 at his office yesterday so he said looks okay but now we need to watch everything very closely and if we see any symptomn then i will be hospitalised for rest of the pregnancy and that i might deliver early.

24 hr urine results (2 weeks comparison)

32 weeks - Protein was 234, Uric acid 6.4
33 weeks - Protein was 203, Uric acid 6.5

Everything else is within normal range.

BP at his office was 116/80 which is good but i am nervous about amniotic fluid levels. Did anyone had such experience? When did you deliver your baby after finding out that you had low amniotic fluid and how low it was? Did your baby had any issues after delivery?

Please pray that i get another 3-4 weeks and deliver healthy baby.

Thank You All!

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