"Preventing" PIH through exercise?

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Re : "Preventing" PIH through exercise?

Postby l412angel » Fri Jan 19, 638920 6:39 pm

I am interested on what other ladies have to say about this as well. I believe working out contradicts keeping PE at bay, I would think taking it easy would be better? However I am no doctor, but am anxious to see what others have to say on this

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"Preventing" PIH through exercise?

Postby jmom08 » Fri Jan 19, 638920 6:34 pm

I went ahead & signed up to get the mailings from my insurance company's maternity management program. The nurse was very nice, but in the cover letter to my first mailing, she wrote this:

"The second part to being healthy during your pregnancy is exercise. Any form of exercise is good, like walking, weights, yoga, and swimming. All of these activities are great to do in combination during your pregnancy to help you have more energy, feel better and hopefully keep you from developing gestational diabetes and high blood pressure during your pregnancy."

Putting aside my concerns about her exercise recommendation without disclaimer that I ask my doctor first (she's aware of my PE history & that I'm being closely monitored), and acknowledging that exercise is generally a good thing, I was a bit surprised to read her assertion that exercise will "hopefully keep [me] from developing" PIH. I know that being overweight is a PE risk factor, but since I'm currently considered to be at a healthy weight per my doctors, it was my understanding that there isn't a way to "prevent" PE/PIH during pregnancy (aside from possibly lovenox for my clotting disorder, which is unrelated)...? Is that right?

To the extent she's incorrect, I want to correct her, so she stops giving other moms bad information (sounds like a generic paragraph she might stick in all the welcome letters she sends out). Last pregnancy, it made me very stressed to wonder if PE was my fault, and if I could have been doing something to prevent what was happening to me and DS.

Any thoughts?

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