Pre-C and Pituitary Gland?

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Re : Pre-C and Pituitary Gland?

Postby jfindley » Sat Sep 04, 638917 6:03 am

I had an adrenal tumor that they think was defineatly related to HELLp and PE. I also had a thyroid nodule- not sure if it was related and now they suspect a pituitary function problem. I have had a hard time finding research linking the thyroid and pituitary to hellp and pe, but the adrenal tumor caused increased adrenaline production and clearly caused high, uncontrolled pressures. Please share if you find out more.

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Re : Pre-C and Pituitary Gland?

Postby blythe » Sun Aug 22, 638917 5:27 am

I did a quick google search and pubmed search ( ... pubmedhelp ) and didn't find anything, sorry. I may have put in the wrong search terms, though.

The only other thing I can think of is that autoimmune issues are correlated with PE, so if an autoimmune issue is causing your pituitary gland problems that could contribute. Is hypopituitarism autoimmune? Do your docs think there could be a connection anyway?

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Pre-C and Pituitary Gland?

Postby new_mom1214 » Wed Aug 11, 638917 6:57 pm

Since there is a link between pre-c and thyroid disorders, does that mean there is a link between pre-c and pituitary gland problems? Does anyone have/had a pituitary gland problem? My doctors' finally think they found an answer, hypopituitarism- which effects adrenal, thyroid, growth hormones, etc. Anyone had problems?

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