Any suggestions for dealing with these symptoms?

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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Re : Any suggestions for dealing with these symptoms?

Postby rachelc » Fri Jun 25, 638917 7:00 pm

I hope that you got checked out last night. Please let us know how you are doing.

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Re : Any suggestions for dealing with these symptoms?

Postby love_the_daschies » Tue Jun 15, 638917 12:33 am

I hope you got/ or are getting checked out. The way I look at it is no harm is done if I get checked out and get the everything is a o.k. - it is actually very reassuring! Whereas, not going checked out has been tragic to some of us. We all hope we are being overly cautious - actually my dr.'s tell me to be because we really can't tell when the symptoms are explained by something else or when they are actually a serious problem. Upper right quadrent pain feels like pain - whether it is due to the baby kicking out ribs or our living giving out and the only way to be certain which one it is is the bloodwork.

Don;t let anyone make you feel you are over reacting. Best case - you waste a night getting some well needed medical care. Worst case, you may catch a problem before suffering serious harm. I think heather is right, you can ask for another doctor most of the time in the hospital. Actually, that is how I got my current doctor for this pregnancy during last pregnancy.

Please keep us posted.

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Re : Any suggestions for dealing with these symptoms?

Postby blythe » Mon Jun 14, 638917 10:48 pm

Stephanie, I hope you got the bloodwork today, or that you're at L&D right now. I have no idea how your tumor might play into your symptoms, but I would still want bloodwork to rule out HELLP, rather than assume your pain and other symptoms are from other causes. HELLP can kill you and your baby. I don't know if we've stressed enough how urgent this disease can be because again, we're not docs and can only go by what you tell us. But we have some members who have been "fine" at 2pm and in full organ failure by midnight.

I believe you can go to L&D and say you are not happy with your current doctor and would like another doc. Please keep us updated.

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Re : Any suggestions for dealing with these symptoms?

Postby atvlady » Mon Jun 14, 638917 7:23 pm

It sounds like HELLP to me from the pain you describe. Almost 8 months PP I am having GB issues but it does not bother me after meals. It has a mind of its own including my stupid liver. Your dr needs to do AST and ALT levels including platelets. You really need to go to L&D and let them do all the bloodwork while you wait there for the results. HELLP is fast and swift, trust me. Take control of your and your baby's health, noone else is going to do it. We aren't trying to scare you but we all that has posted here has been there and done that.

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Re : Any suggestions for dealing with these symptoms?

Postby stephcamp725 » Mon Jun 14, 638917 5:31 am

Thank you all so much for your kind words and encouragement. I called my doctors office this morning and requested the blood work, they said that the would "have someone call me back." I told my husband if they don't call me back by the time the office closes I am going to l&d tonight, I haven't gotten out of bed yet today because the pain in my ribs is just too much, and I just feel sick.

One thing that I forgot to mention, and I don't know if this plays a part in any of my symptoms, but I have a tumor in my pituitary gland (prolactinoma). I had been taking meds for it (Dostinex) but once they found out I was pg, they took me off of it. So, now I am wondering if that is causing these wonky symptoms. I don't know, I just feel so foolish, but I also know that I had that tumor for almost 2 years before I diagnosed myself and got a doctor to take me seriously enough to do an MRI and blood work to prove it. It was almost 2 years of me gaining weight and hearing, "stop eating so much", or blinding headaches that they would tell me to take advil for and not believe me that they were something more... So I don't have a whole lot of faith in doctors!

Anyhow, my draw back to going to l&d is that the hospital that is the best in the area and that I will be delivering at is also attached to my physicians office so I suspect that they'd just call him over...

Hoping he will just order the darn blood work and let that be that!

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Re : Any suggestions for dealing with these symptoms?

Postby amanda » Sun Jun 13, 638917 11:23 pm

Goodness! I, like the others, are hoping so much that you are at L&D right now getting this checked out. I simply understand why your doctor was unwilling to order labwork. Even if this is something that is just 'pregnancy' then you've wasted some time but that's about it.

This moves so very quickly sometimes and the results can be catastrophic. Please know that I am thinking about you and worried for you. Like Lori said above, follow your instincts on this one - mothers instincts are so very often right.

Please let us know how you are if you can.

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Re : Any suggestions for dealing with these symptoms?

Postby alexa5 » Sun Jun 13, 638917 1:28 pm

Just echoing the is not okay for your doctor to be dismissive about this. Pre-e and HELLP show up in different ways for different people--it is not always the predictable high bp and protein. Sometimes it is one or the other and some of the symptoms you are having....those symptoms can be a lifesaver, so definitely go with your gut and get checked out.

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Re : Any suggestions for dealing with these symptoms?

Postby mnmom » Sun Jun 13, 638917 7:35 am

I am really hoping that you have made a trip to labor and delivery. This is Not OK! (Can you tell I am a mom of a toddler?) You need blood work and a 24 urine test. If your doc blows you off, make sure he notes it in your file that he refused your request. Then, if it was me, I would make sure I found a doc who will. Please, follow your instincts on this one. And update us when you are able. We are worried about you!

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Re : Any suggestions for dealing with these symptoms?

Postby jamilyn » Sat Jun 12, 638917 8:25 pm

I am just reading all of this and am shocked right now at how your dr has acted. My normal BP is also low like yours and with numbers like you have its def time to go to L&D if your OB isnt doing anything.
You have to get blood work taken and do a 24 hour urine.
I hope you are able to go very soon, please let us know what they tell you.
Best of Luck and please head over to L&D make sure you also see a high risk ob (Perinatologist) as well.

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Re : Any suggestions for dealing with these symptoms?

Postby fiona » Sat Jun 12, 638917 3:17 pm


it's time to take your care into your own hands and go into L&D. Seriously. You need a set of bloodwork to check your liver function asap. If you are swelling in the face, it could be indicative of inter-cranial swelling. Right now, you could very well be a ticking time bomb. The combination of your symptoms with BP that is so elevated from your normal range is, quite frankly, frightening me half to death.

You need to go in and be checked out thoroughly. Do not be fobbed off: insist on seeing a doctor, preferably the peri on call. Go to the best hospital in your area.

If the worse thing that happens is you turn out to be fine, you've wasted an evening in hospital. I can live with that.

But the symptoms you are describing hit our go straight to L&D criteria. Please do not second guess yourself any longer. Take care and let us know how you get on.

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