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mother bear
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Re : Heartrate

Postby mother bear » Sun Mar 14, 638917 3:03 am

Mine did that in my second pregnancy, and I didn't do much except live with it for 8 long weeks. For this one, the third, I was using the lowest possible dose of atenolol to blunt the spikes, because it would spike up into the 130s for a day, and then drop down into the 50s the next. What effectively finally put an end to the spike and drop cycles was the sythroid, though my docs still don't believe me when I tell 'em... but the numbers on the page don't lie. Skipping sythroid for the day (only twice, thank goodness) immediately causes spike and drop.

But I think that different docs have different tolerances for consistantly fast pulse. They're not the ones lying awake in the middle of the night with the pounding heart! So talk to a doc if it bugs you.

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Re : Heartrate

Postby l412angel » Sat Mar 13, 638917 3:05 pm

Mine has gone up and down ever since delivery! My heart rate was at one point 130 at resting....after being released it was always hovering around 100...now 8 weeks pp...ITS FINALLY around 70's or 80's. O a, interested as well to know why heart raises in this disease?

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Re : Heartrate

Postby love_the_daschies » Sat Mar 13, 638917 6:48 am

yes, mine has as well - 120s and 130s. My dr. isn't worried about it since I have kind of a fast heart rate anyway - but he has me check it a few times a day (when I take my BP ) and make sure it is usually under 110. If it was ALWAYS high - I think I would be more concerned. Hope your recheck is lower.

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Re : Heartrate

Postby thirdtimesthecharm » Sat Mar 13, 638917 6:40 am

Mine has been going up and down. It was so high the other day that when they did the NST for the baby the nurse was using my heart rate instead of the baby's. It's been happening while I'm asleep too, that's the scariest. I have no idea why so if you get some answers, pass them along!

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Postby ashesashie » Sat Mar 13, 638917 6:08 am

Has anyone else's heartrate skyrocketed...mine was 140 at the Dr. yesterday. Going back today for her to check it again...

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