Vision questions

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Re : Vision questions

Postby kellyo19 » Fri Mar 26, 638917 5:15 am

I was born 7 wks early, which caused me to have Retinopathy of Prematurity. My ROP stayed dormant until after I had undiagnosed/untreated PE with my daughter in 2005. When she was 6 mos old I had a detached retina but had eye symptoms - flashes, floaters, lightning bolts - for 3-4 mos before the detachment. The retina specialist figured that my high BPs aggravated my retina and tripped the ROP into active stage. I've had problems with my eyes ever since... when I was pregnant with my son in 2009, my eyes became more aggravated and prompted many extra trips to my eye specialist... the last few days of my pregnancy, my PIH trended towards PE but I delivered before PE started, and then within a wk my eyes settled down again. Not sure if this is what you have - but for me the flashes of light and floaters are due to the retina being irritated and affected by higher BPs. Your best bet is to see a retina specialist (your regular eye dr can refer you) - and have the specialist do a full exam (eyes dilated, using their table-mounted scope and then using a handheld magnifier while they press against edges of your eyeball using a qtip). Untreated, retina detachment can cause permanent vision loss. By the time I got medical help, I was within 24 hrs of losing my vision, but the retina surgeon was able to save my vision. I have permanent small areas of distortion but can still see. Hope this helps.

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Re : Vision questions

Postby alexa5 » Tue Jan 26, 638917 2:53 am

I was thinking vivid dreams were related to postpartum in general, but when I did a quick google search some of what kept coming up was that vivid dreams being related to postpartum depression. Similar to what others said it is probably associated with the difficult situation.

My vision issues were mainly in my peripheral vision during or after having been in bright was kind of like flashing lights or stars. It did go away by a few months postpartum.

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Re : Vision questions

Postby mellybute » Tue Jan 26, 638917 12:20 am

I saw silver floaters for my last couple months of my PE pregnancy. I mostly saw them in the shower for some reason. I have not seen them since delivery. I was on mag 24 hours after delivery and then another 24 hours upon re admittance into ICU. My vision during that time changed to REALLY REALLY blurry almost like looking through a fish bowl. My vision is still not the way it was before and I have no explanation for it.

I went and had an MRI 2 months pp for severe migraines and vision problems. Also went to Ophthalmologist and had a retinal angiography. My eyes and brain are both great! (per docs)

As far as my dreams, my dreams are always vivid during pregnancy and now pp they are like long movies. Some horror, some just plain weird. But almost every night I have long dreams that I remember which I didn't do this before, so I totally relate.

I wish you healing with the loss of your baby (physical, emotional, mental...) I think talking with a therapist or going over your records with an MFM may really help you. Blessings to you...

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Re : Vision questions

Postby dublinmam » Tue Jan 26, 638917 12:13 am

i second kara there. i saw spots and lightening too and i was never on mag with severe pe. i was putting it all down to the side effects of labetalol but i took two doses of labetalol when i was pg and didnt have any hallucinations but i had terrible ones pp then my bp shot up again.i never got rid of my spots, i am going to see an opthamologist this month coz i have a feeling i may have hypertensive retinopathy.

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Re : Vision questions

Postby kara » Mon Jan 25, 638917 6:37 pm

The visual disturbance are often due to intercranial swelling. Some of our members have reported hallucinations, which may be what you experienced when closing your eyes. I don't think any of those things are due to mag-just the preeclampsia, and it's symptoms. The loss of eye sight can be due to your blood pressures on the retina, or the swelling on the brain. Retina issues usually last for a longer time-a week to a couple months. Having a follow up appointment with an MFM to go over your records can help you understand more about what happened. It's often a cathartic experience too.

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Re : Vision questions

Postby atvlady » Mon Jan 25, 638917 5:42 pm

I had the silver spots too. When I was on the mag I had no toruble til after they stopped it. I then had the headache, lightning bolts, silver spots, and OMG the most wicked dreams I have ever had! Six months PP I still have wicked dreams but I think those are due to the mental affects of pre-e and HELLP and other things going on in my life. Weird thing is, I see my dreams in color.

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Re : Vision questions

Postby lilillini » Sun Jan 24, 638917 5:37 pm

I had floaters starting when my BP jumped up suddenly at 28 weeks. I still have them 9 months later. I also had a severe headache, and an MRI ruled out cerebral edema. 3 months postpartum, I saw an ophthalmologist who determined that I have hypertensive retinopathy as a result of the preeclampsia, even though my BP is normal outside of pregnancy.

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Re : Vision questions

Postby l412angel » Fri Jan 15, 638917 7:17 pm

Thanks guys! Does anyone know what the vision probelsm are due to? I still do get spots if I stare at something for a while without blinking. Its weird. I saw weird things when I shut my eyes I saw faces and the nurses all looked soooo different and weird to me and when I went off the mag and got my vision back they looked normal again!

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Re : Vision questions

Postby rebecca2 » Fri Jan 15, 638917 7:00 pm

I didn't have any issues with vision. In fact, other than high BP and protein, I didn't have any symptoms of PE even though it was severe and I lost my daughter at 26w5d.

I had the vivid dreams for months after I lost my daughter. I remember talking to my OB about them and he gave me a Rx for Ambien (sp?) to try to help me sleep. I think what helped most was speaking with a therapist. It still took time though. I'm sorry you're going through this. :(

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Re : Vision questions

Postby brockner1 » Fri Jan 15, 638917 5:16 pm

I had lost vision partially in both eyes before even reaching hospital in my last pregnancy. But i got my vision back day after i delivered so i dont think mag affected my vision, it may have helped.

And having bad dreams....yes i had really really bad dreams for a month or more. And, while i was awake in hospital i used to see weird patterns and faces that i hadn't seen in my life ever before...either scary faces or people laughing at me. It was terrible, i felt such a looser :-(

I am sorry you are going through same thing. Please take care of yourself. Such negative dreams will go away soon.

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