What is a pre-e headache/nausea like?

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Re : What is a pre-e headache/nausea like?

Postby autumnstarr » Fri Jan 15, 638917 6:40 pm

Agreed, the common advice is if you have a headache that does not go away with Tylenol....also the nausea would come along with the high BP and facial and hand swelling so all would need to be in play.....mostly high BP and swelling....if you have a headache on top of that I would call your Dr or visit a fire station to have BP checked and get a Urine Protein done.

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Re : What is a pre-e headache/nausea like?

Postby jend01 » Tue Dec 22, 638916 3:10 am

Like Trish said the PE headache is not from high BP it is from your brain swelling. The swelling can cause pressure on your optic nerve and cause visual disturbances so any visual problems like, spots of light or shadow, flashes, floaters, can also be a sign that it is a PE headache. For me the pain was worse than any migraine I had ever had. It literally felt like my head was going to explode and it lasted for 4 days with no relief. I eventually lost my eyesight completely and things went down hill from there, but that is my experience with "the headache" it can be different for everyone.

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Re : What is a pre-e headache/nausea like?

Postby aajatwins » Mon Nov 30, 638916 11:29 am

I had the headache for two days straight - and Tylenol had no effect on it. For me, it was sharp pain that would fade into a dull ache for a little while and then pain would spike again. The night of the second day of that headache was when I saw lights popping. I never had protein in my urine, so I wasn't looking for signs of PE. But Teresa (above) has a point, my heartburn medicine stopped working around the same time.

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Re : What is a pre-e headache/nausea like?

Postby tree » Sun Nov 29, 638916 4:58 pm

I didn't get the headache too badly, or it just wasn't that bad compared to the URQ pain, but I got the PE nausea when my liver enzymes went up. I was slightly nauseous during my first trimester, but it was pretty managable. When my BPs and labs started to look a little off, my OB told me to call when/if I started throwing up. Sure enough, I had a baby that night. I suggest calling your doctor if your nausea gets worse than it was when it was supposed to be bad. Unless you are eating battery acid, zantac (or similar) should take the edge off the heartburn. Call if everything that used to work stops working as that was a big warning sign for me.

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Re : What is a pre-e headache/nausea like?

Postby lilillini » Sun Nov 29, 638916 1:09 pm

I had a headache that was from BP and not brain swelling. It started as soon as my BP suddenly spiked, and was accompanied by visual disturbances. I had a CT scan and MRI while still pregnant, and both were normal. But 9+ months later, I still have the headache and floaters, even though my BP has gone back to normal. I ended up with hypertensive retinopathy, but the headache is kind of a mystery to my docs.

It was definitely a headache that didn't go away with Tylenol. It didn't go away with Vicodin, Oxycodone, Midrin, or anything else, except Fentanyl gave me a bit of relief. It is not as bad now as it was before delivery, but it has never gone away. It is always present, as are the floaters. And they both started at 28.5 weeks when I woke up on a Saturday with those symptoms and my BP up to 130s/80s after having been 110s/70.

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Re : What is a pre-e headache/nausea like?

Postby love_the_daschies » Sun Nov 29, 638916 8:50 am

I haven't experienced "the" headache - what Trish already said about not being BP related and not going away with tylenol - is my understanding of the headache.

The nausea I did have a couple times when I had high liver enzymes last pregnancy. It was a heartburny sour nausea. I threw up twice from it and described it to my hubby like I had a rubber band cutting me off at the ribs. It's really hard to describe - but was very noticable for me. But my Obs weren;t concerned because I had no pain on my right side - now I know the rubber band feeling was not a good sign.

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Re : What is a pre-e headache/nausea like?

Postby trish » Sun Nov 29, 638916 6:02 am

"The" headache from PE is due to swelling in the brain & not from high BP. And like Becky said, if Tylenol doesn't help then it could be a PE headache & you should let your OB know.

I had demerol & some other pill narcotic pain med during 2 trips to L&D while pregnant that didn't fully relieve the pain (after trying Tylenol & calling in about my headache). My headaches (with other PE symtoms) were a main reason I was induced at 36 weeks. Then my headache never really went away & I got IV morphine 3 days PP that barely took the edge off. I haven't dealt with migraines but women sometimes describe like a bad migraine & I did notice light sensitivity with mine. Mine also felt like my head was being squeezed from all sides at once.

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Re : What is a pre-e headache/nausea like?

Postby rebecca2 » Sun Nov 29, 638916 5:40 am

Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with headaches and nausea. I'm not really sure what makes the nausea associated with PE special. It is my understanding that any headache that doesn't go away with tylenol should be reported to your OB. I don't think that necessarily means that it is a *PE headache*, it just deserves a closer look by your doctor.

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What is a pre-e headache/nausea like?

Postby Guest » Sun Nov 29, 638916 3:10 am

I imagine, like so many things, everyone's experience is different. But, I'm trying to learn more about what makes a headache a pre-e headache.

I've had a lot of headaches come and go - not always correlating with bp spikes. But, honestly, I've had a lot of headaches in this pregnancy even before 20 weeks.

Is there anything special that distinguishes a pre-e headache from a regular pregnancy/hormone headache?

Same question with nausea - which I've had a lot of lately. I know lots of pregnant women get nausea in the second or third trimester. What makes pre-e nausea special?

From what I've been able to find through Dr. Google, it seems like both the headaches and nausea resulting from pre-e/HELLP are pretty much indistinguishable from the same symptoms occurring due to other causes. So... what's a pregnant lady to do? Pretty much ignore them? I don't want to call my doctor anytime I have a headache or nausea, because I'd be calling every other day.

Thanks for sharing any experiences and insights!!!

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