Swollen Feet Normal BP....Help!

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Re : Swollen Feet Normal BP....Help!

Postby caryn » Fri Jun 22, 638632 3:03 am

Just seconding Trish. With your history I'm sure they'd rather see you for any symptom change than have you try to diagnose yourself at home!

Please keep us posted when you get a chance.

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Re : Swollen Feet Normal BP....Help!

Postby trish » Mon Jun 11, 638632 12:28 am

Welcome! Since your swelling seems to be worsening & doesn't respond to elevating & rest I would call today. The swelling with feeling jittery & having "jumpy legs" is worth mentioning too and being checked out. It could be "just" restless legs but feeling "off" and just not right is often a symptom of PE.

Especially after having PE previously, it's always better to get checked out just in case rather than sit at home & worry. With your past PE experience you know things can change quickly so having good labs 2 weeks ago doesn't mean all is fine today.

Yes, it's a holiday but don't feel like you are being a bother to call your OB. It's their job ok?? Update when you can.

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Swollen Feet Normal BP....Help!

Postby lilpeachez3 » Sun Jun 10, 638632 11:41 pm

Hi. I had severe pre-e and HELLP during my last pregnancy and complications for 4 months after delivery. The first time my BP was only slightly to moderately raised but I had the other symptoms (swelling, rib pain, headaches, vision disturbances.)..even though (at first) my blood work was "normal". I had my daughter at 33 weeks via induction because my situation deteriorated in 36 hours without any prior warning even though the Drs were "monitoring" me.

This is my second pregnancy and I am now 35 weeks and my BP has been fine. (no bedrest YAY--but I didnt work this time in fear of causing the same issues and layed down when I could)6 weeks ago I had about 1 week of severe rib pain but it subsided on its own and Dr said it must have been the baby. At that time my Pre-E labs were normal. I went to dr about 2 weeks ago and BP was normal and no protein.

For the last week or so my feet are so swollen. They dont go down when I put them up and they seem to be worsening. They look like they did the last time...although my face and hands are only slightly swollen which is unlike the last time....then, for the last 2 days I have felt extremely jittery and nervous. I had lots of jumping and spasms in my legs like tremors. The last time I went to dr and asked her about it she said it was restless leg. I went to walmart to check my BP and it was normal. Should I wait until my appointment with MFM on Wed. or should I call this weekend to get checked? Could this just be "normal" swelling?

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

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