me, too!

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Re : me, too!

Postby laraeamie » Wed Sep 21, 638625 5:42 pm

Congratulations!! Enjoy her!!

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Re : me, too!

Postby hannahsmom » Wed Sep 21, 638625 12:35 am

What wonderful news!! Congratulations :)

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Re : me, too!

Postby j.davisharte » Tue Sep 20, 638625 6:35 pm

Congratulations! Welcome Sierra! Sounds like you are both doing well. I hope to have good news myself (minus the stalling!). Since I'm already 80% effaced & at least 2.5 cm dilated (@37w1d), I'm hopeful the scheduled induction (starting tomorrow night) will go smoothly.

Did you need mag? Hope your family is adjusting nicely to your new baby girl.


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me, too!

Postby blythe » Sun Sep 11, 638625 5:42 pm

Ziggy's announcement reminded me I haven't said anything on the forum, sorry!

My baby girl was born at 2:44am Thursday morning 9/10/09 - we started the induction Tuesday evening 9/8/09. After everything aligned to give me the 37-week birthday on 9/9/9 exactly, my labor absolutely *stalled* until midnight Thursday. Ah, well - 9/*10*/09 is a cool birthday, too!

Sierra was 5 pounds, 12 ounces, 19 inches long, and needed no NICU or special care! We're home now and dealing with jaundice for her and rising bps for me, but hopefully both will start going down soon!

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