It was PIH

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Re : It was PIH

Postby caryn » Tue Oct 22, 638622 4:25 am

Welcome Earthside to your twins!

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Re : It was PIH

Postby mkvh » Tue Oct 01, 638622 8:40 am

My BP took 6 months to get down to normal-for-me after my pre-e pregnancy, and though I had no diagnosis with pregnancy #2, my BP remained elevated until after my DD was 8 months old! I was 130s/80s at that point, which was the highest it got during my 2nd pregnancy.

I think the "unmasking", like Trish said, isn't always as clear cut as we'd like to think. I'm back to 'normal' now, but my OB says we'll be watching like a hawk for the next time because, clearly, pregnancy does something to my vascular system.

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Re : It was PIH

Postby trish » Tue Oct 01, 638622 6:38 am

Great news - on your BP *and* on the twins! :)

My BP went up during my first PE pregnancy & then again in my 2nd "just" PIH pregnancy but I was not on meds either time. BP went back to normal PP with no meds needed. Then at an annual GYN when my 2nd was 18 months old my BP was quite high (like 160/100) and I had to go off BCP & onto BP med. I had no idea it was high because I wasn't monitoring it - I thought I had no reason to! I don't say this to scare you but rather just share that CHT can "unmask" it self kind of randomly. You may want to monitor your BP once a week or every so often just to keep an eye on it.

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It was PIH

Postby jenh » Tue Oct 01, 638622 12:34 am

My twins are six weeks old as of Tues and are doing great. Both are over 8lb now.

My BP went up at 22 weeks this time, but didn't progress to PE until 31 weeks. My OB and MFM couldn't agree if it was PIH or unmasked CHT. One thought since it went up after 20 weeks it had to be PIH, the other thought since I held steady for so long it must be CHT. Well, at six weeks PP I am weaning off the BP meds and so far my BP has been perfect: 110s/70s. So it looks like it really was PIH.

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