LDA up until csection?

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Re : LDA up until csection?

Postby caryn » Sun Apr 21, 638622 12:44 pm

You're more pregnant than lots of us have ever been! Good luck, and keep us posted as you're able.

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julie f
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Re : LDA up until csection?

Postby julie f » Wed Apr 10, 638622 9:18 am

Just asked my OB this question at my last appointment and he told me it'd be fine to take right up until my C-section.

Congratulations on making it so far!!!

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Re : LDA up until csection?

Postby julieb » Tue Apr 09, 638622 8:30 pm

I was on LDA and even took it the morning of my emergency c-section and I didn't have any problems. Congrats on making it to full term!!

mikeys mom
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Re : LDA up until csection?

Postby mikeys mom » Mon Apr 08, 638622 9:15 pm

I think I stopped my LDA a week before my c-section... That was one of the questions I was going to ask the peri next Tuesday... Take care and Great job making it to full term!

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Re : LDA up until csection?

Postby lilillini » Mon Apr 08, 638622 3:08 am

Congratulations on making it to term! That's wonderful!

I was on LDA up until my c/s and had no issues from the LDA.

Good luck!

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Re : LDA up until csection?

Postby sheri-ct » Fri Mar 29, 638622 8:03 pm

I had some bruising and was concerned it was from the LDA so I asked MFM. They said that the dose it too low to cause any bleeding issues, but I would still ask to put your mind at ease.


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Re : LDA up until csection?

Postby guinevere » Fri Mar 29, 638622 4:53 pm

Hooray for making it full-term, that's fantastic! :D

As for the LDA, I've taken it right up until the end with babies #3 and onwards and had no bleeding issues. Baby #5 was an emergency csection at 35wks. (not due to PE, though, she went into fetal distress) and the LDA wasn't an issue with that, either, although the anesthesiologist initially was concerned that it might cause issues with getting an epidural (it didn't.)

Good luck to you next week!


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LDA up until csection?

Postby rachelsmommy » Fri Mar 29, 638622 12:28 pm

My ob said I should take LDA right up until my csection. This makes me nervous and I wondered what your experience was with LDA if you took it in a previous pregnancy. I meant to ask my MFM specialist today but forgot so I will have to call him tomorrow.

My csection is scheduled for next week!I will be 37 weeks! I truly can't believe I made it this far since I delivered at 28 weeks the first pregnancy. So I am really excited...and just a tad nervous. : )

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