Less than perfect OB appointment already at 15w5d

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jamie w
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Re : Less than perfect OB appointment already at 15w5d

Postby jamie w » Fri Jul 30, 638619 2:07 pm

Sometimes restless legs can be caused by anemia. When was the last time they checked your levels?

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Re : Less than perfect OB appointment already at 15w5d

Postby atvlady » Mon Jul 19, 638619 10:40 pm

When I went into HELLP my bp was 239/136 and I did not feel anything from it being that bad. I was walking around like nothing was wrong, and cleaning house. My drs insisted that I had HBP before I got pregnant but everytime I went to the dr it was always below 120/80. Now I am checking it 3 times a day, per drs orders. If you are not sure, call the dr back and ask. Never be afraid to ask in pregnancy...TRUST ME:) Good luck and keep us posted.

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Re : Less than perfect OB appointment already at 15w5d

Postby rachelsmommy » Thu Jul 08, 638619 4:50 pm

I had high bp starting at 12 weeks and they believe it was unmasked chronic hypertension. They put me on bp meds and my blood pressure has gotten better over time. I am 33 weeks now and am still doing fine. So hopefully they will be able to do the same for you. It's great that your doctor is being vigilant. I agree with the others that it is very possible to have high blood pressure and not know it.

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Re : Less than perfect OB appointment already at 15w5d

Postby patty » Sat Jun 26, 638619 1:50 pm

I second the advice that not sleeping can raise your bp. I had a spike early one time and it was due to being up all night with a sick child. Can they safely give you meds for the restless leg while pregnant? I know they gave me ambien when I was on hospital bedrest and I have heard that tylenol pm is safe. I would ask your doctor if it there is anything you can do safely to get some sleep.

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Re : Less than perfect OB appointment already at 15w5d

Postby season » Sat Jun 26, 638619 10:38 am

Did you tell the OB about the sleep issue? Not sleeping can effect your bp (and your life.) Also, it can be a sign of other issues (thyroid etc.) So the not sleeping itself needs to be addressed.

I am glad to hear the the OB is running the tests. It sounds like she wants to be on top of your situation to catch anything as it shows up.

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julie f
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Re : Less than perfect OB appointment already at 15w5d

Postby julie f » Sat Jun 26, 638619 5:40 am


I'm sorry to hear that you're having bp issues already, but like Trish said - this may be chronic hypertension. Not that that is a great thing but, like she also said, you still have a great chance of making it to term. Women with chronic hypertension stand a 25% chance of developing superimposed preeclampsia. The good news is that if that's what you're dealing with - it's been caught and hopefully will be able to be controlled. Did your OB mention the possibility of meds? Also, is your OB a high-risk one? If not, I'd be calling today to be scheduled with one for a consult. An MFM may be better able to treat your chronic hypertension.

When do you go back?

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Re : Less than perfect OB appointment already at 15w5d

Postby trish » Sat Jun 26, 638619 1:47 am

Unfortunately with high BP you don't necessarily feel bad. I went to a regular GYN appt when my 2nd daughter was about 18 months old & found out my BP was like 160/100 - and who knows how long it had been that high! I had no idea & hadn't ever had high BP except during pregnancy. I had to go off BCP & start taking BP meds. :(

If your BP goes up before 20 weeks it's usually considered "unmasked" hypertension. She may want you to go on BP meds at some point. But, you still have a good chance of getting to term, it may just involve meds & bedrest. I will keep you in my thoughts. (((HUGS)))

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Less than perfect OB appointment already at 15w5d

Postby slassetter » Sat Jun 26, 638619 1:25 am

Well I had an OB appointment today and it has been a miserable day.

First, I am not sleeping at all. I think I have restless legs at night and not sleeping can make anyone miserable, not just pg. women.

Secondly, my blood pressure is already going up. The doc. I saw today seems to think that the reading they got today was my baseline blood pressure, in other words, what it is everyday. But I kinda think that if my bp was 150/90 everyday then I would know it, like I would feel bad or something. Anyway, she acted unconcerned, but at the same time ordered tons of blood work and a 24-hour urine. All of the same things I went through while on bedrest for my bp with DD.

I am not on bedrest yet but at this point the odds dont seem in my favor. I am terribly emotional about it today, because I really wanted to be able to enjoy this pregnancy and not have to go through this again.

Please pray for me as I try to stay healthy for me and my baby. And for my emotions that I can control them and try to stay strong.

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