For those that did the low dose aspirin...

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Re : For those that did the low dose aspirin...

Postby rachelsmommy » Sun May 26, 638622 7:54 pm

I started taking it this pregnancy at 12 weeks. I will be 37 weeks on Wednesday and I have a csection scheduled for that day. I have not had pre-e this time!! I got it severely at 28 weeks in my first pregnancy. I asked my doctor and MFM about the warning too and they both said to take it right up until my csection. My ob just told me Friday that I can quit taking it Monday in preparation for my csection if it makes me more comfortable. She said that it doesn't cause any problems at all during the operation though and it has a 12 hour suspense rate (or something like that). Basically, the last dose is out of your body in 12 hours.

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Re : For those that did the low dose aspirin...

Postby amiejo » Fri May 03, 638622 9:29 pm

I took the baby aspirin for my third pregnancy. My doctors did know that I had placenta blood flow difficulties in my first two pregnancies. Clots were found throughout! For my third, the baby aspirin was used as a blood thinner to hopefully increase blood flow. I still developed PE but it was much more mild and occurred later into the pregnancy than the first two. Less clotting was discovered after the pregnancy also. I actually took the aspirin up until the day of my c-section and did not have any complications.

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Re : For those that did the low dose aspirin...

Postby kvknsiva » Sun Apr 21, 638622 6:43 am

CrystalW - when did you started lovenox?

mikeys mom
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Re : For those that did the low dose aspirin...

Postby mikeys mom » Thu Dec 07, 638615 12:58 pm

I am on it! I took it my whole second pregnancy also. My doctor felt that it was my decision but he didn't think it would hurt. I think went off it two weeks prior to my c-section date.

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Re : For those that did the low dose aspirin...

Postby susheli » Thu Dec 07, 638615 8:42 am

I've been taking LDA to try to prevent PE since pre-conception. At my 13 week scan I was found to have an uterine notch and higher resistance - which is what I imagine they may have found at your scan too - and my doctor said the LDA should help baby's growth too. So far it seems to be helping, as I developed PIH at 22-23 weeks and PE at 27 weeks in my first pergnancy, and all is well this time at 28 weeks tomorrow.
I'm not nervous about the side effects, and will stop at around 36 weeks, my doctor said.
Good luck!

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Re : For those that did the low dose aspirin...

Postby crystalw » Wed Dec 06, 638615 11:08 pm

I took it with my second pregnancy along with lovenox and b6 and b12.. I did develop MILD preeclampsia starting in my 32nd week.. I took the aspirin until 6 weeks pp.. I also used to work for a general surgeon and we did surgeries everyday on people who take baby aspirin or even a regular aspirin daily.

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Re : For those that did the low dose aspirin...

Postby klolav » Wed Dec 06, 638615 6:47 pm

hi everyone
I'm 37 +5 and have been taking low dose aspirin since about 10 weeks. I read about the advantages after having Eclampsia in last pregnancy. Checked with consultant who advised it may help stop PE this time. No body has ever mentioned it to me since and I continued taking it. That is until about 35 weeks when I read that it shouldn't be taken any later due to bleeding in labour. So I took myself off it. So far so good in terms of PE.

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Re : For those that did the low dose aspirin...

Postby jokell2 » Mon Nov 27, 638615 3:09 am

Nice to read about this. I'm concerned as well. I've been on baby aspirin for almost 6 weeks. My 2nd pregnancy after delivery I started hemmoraging (sp) and they had to give me suppositories to stop the bleeding so it does make me worry about this delivery. I haven't thought to ask the peri yet about it.

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Re : For those that did the low dose aspirin...

Postby henryandmandy » Sun Nov 26, 638615 2:20 pm

I took baby aspirin the entire pregnancy last time and am taking it in my current pregnancy. I did develop PE anyway, however the aspirin didn't cause any excessive bleeding even though I took it right up until my c-section. i was very worried about this too and my doctor reassured me by telling me that you can get as much of the acetlysalic(spelled wrong) acid by eating 5 pieces of very ripe fruit as the amount in a baby aspirin. My cariologist said they do heart surgeries everyday in folks who take it and even higher does as well, and most do not have bleeding problems.. Sorry this is so long, I just did a lot of research on this when I was concerned about it and thought I'd share. There are also several studies that show minimal problems with bleeding in a large trial of women. best wishes :)

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Re : For those that did the low dose aspirin...

Postby naz2008 » Sun Nov 26, 638615 12:57 pm


im 21 weeks at moment and i went for my 20 weeks scan, they did a kand of dopplers on the was normal, they saw something which,although is normal at this point of pregnancy for any women, it can indicate a possibility of PET. I got sent to the day unit and there da dr put me on baby asprin. he said its supposed to prevent sever PET (which i had with my lil D suddenly at 27weeks.) i have asked the hospital midwives and theyhave said that if it does come on the with the right care they can control it to a certain extent.God willing i wont get it this time.

Just to be on the safe side i take my own bp every day and record it and i make appoinments to see the midwife weekly,wether they like it or not :)

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