2nd semester preeclampsia

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2nd semester preeclampsia

Postby glimmer » Fri Jun 18, 638613 2:38 am

I have been just diagnosed with elevated BP 140/90, +1 protein and "brisk" reflexes. Tomorrow I will go and see an OBGYN. I am only 21 weeks, but had severe pre-eclampsia at 42 weeks in my first pregnancy.

I am from Europe and don't know the health care system here. What should I expect? Will I be kept in hospital? If this turns out to be 2nd trimester pre-eclampsia, what are the chances of going to term?
Any personal experiences or links to websites would be appreciated.
I am in shock right now.

Also, since I am new to this forum,and forums in general, please let me know if I should have posted somewhere else.

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