24 hour urine

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Re : 24 hour urine

Postby laura » Sat Dec 26, 638612 4:35 am

My directions were like Jamie's- didn't matter what time of day.

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jamie w
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Re : 24 hour urine

Postby jamie w » Mon Dec 14, 638612 4:54 pm

As long as you toss the first urine at collection time then start collecting and end in 24 hours it does not matter when you start. I started them at all different times of the day and night.

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Re : 24 hour urine

Postby hols537 » Mon Dec 14, 638612 11:17 am

I believe I was told to toss the first morning urine and start collecting after and end with the first of the next morning... I would recommend calling the nurses or your OB to check. But, I don't think you're in a spot where you have "blown" the test.

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24 hour urine

Postby rachaelann » Mon Dec 14, 638612 8:50 am

does it matter what time you start your 24 hour collection? ive always started it first thing in the morning, but forgot i was supposed to collect today. i still have 24 hours before my appt. just didnt know if it has to be from first wake up "output" to first wake up "output".

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