Update to Yucky High BP ** Updated**

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Re : Update to Yucky High BP ** Updated**

Postby waitinghopefully » Wed Mar 14, 638610 2:20 am

Jaime hoping they can help you hang in there. Will be thinking of you

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Re : Update to Yucky High BP ** Updated**

Postby susheli » Wed Mar 14, 638610 12:17 am

Jamie, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. It sounds like a good sign that your bps have stabilized when lying and sitting, and hopefully your results will be good. Please let us know when you can.
You're in my thoughts and I hope with all my heart for the best possible outcome for your and your baby.
Many hugs, xoxo Sush

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Re : Update to Yucky High BP ** Updated**

Postby blythe » Tue Mar 13, 638610 8:38 pm

(((hugs))) Jaime. You and your baby will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Re : Update to Yucky High BP ** Updated**

Postby cheleandcallidora » Tue Mar 13, 638610 8:38 pm

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything goes well. Hugs!

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Re : Update to Yucky High BP ** Updated**

Postby babyemsmom » Tue Mar 13, 638610 7:00 pm

I am so sorry to hear this. I am hoping and praying for goood test results and that everything will remain stable for a while. Glad that you are in the hospital and beinge watched closely.

You are in my thoughts!

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Re : Update to Yucky High BP ** Updated**

Postby amanda » Tue Mar 13, 638610 6:46 pm

Jamie -
I'm glad your in the hospital and that your BP is down. I *hoping so much* that your tests come back okay. Continue to post if you can - you are around others that understand...

Thinking of you today Jamie -

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Re : Update to Yucky High BP ** Updated**

Postby patty » Tue Mar 13, 638610 6:45 pm

((hugs)) Hope you get good news from your lab work tonite. Hang in there!

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Update to Yucky High BP ** Updated**

Postby love_the_daschies » Tue Mar 13, 638610 6:20 pm

Wow - people aren't kidding when they say this disease can mover fast. I saw my doctor on Monday and was upped to 60 mg Procardia XL. Wednesday my feet/ankles/calves were very swollen. i chalked it up to being active all day - but I knew it was bad. I noticed how bad I was swollen at midnight on Wed. Thursday morning I went in and saw my doctor at 10 a.m. - my BP was 190/100 , urine protein dip was +2. Was sent right over to L&D.

When I arrived at L&D my BPs were 150's/90-100. Liver enzymes slightly elevated. Extreme swelling. Once the L&D team were sure I was fairly stable I was admitted to hospitalized bed rest. Today we are repeating liver enzymes tests, a 24 hour urine, an echocardiogram , and another ultrasound ( I guess the fluid was low in yesterdays u/s and baby measured 19.5-20 weeks and I am 21.5 weeks).

Right now I really just need to wait for test results. My bps have been very good - 120s/70s laying down and 140s/80 when sitting up (I was told this will be my O.K range).

The possible outcomes I have told is:
1) This is an underlying disorder we can treat and identify (unlikely - but best case scenerio)

2) I am stabilized and able to be released on bed rest for what is sure to be a VERY LONG / VERY TOUGH remainder of pregnancy

3) It is the start of a life threatening situation and I will be delivered and baby will die on his own since they do not support before 24 weeks (which I understand)

I won't know more until tonight when the labs are all back and my 24-hour urine is done



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