borderline bp and high proteinuria

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Re : borderline bp and high proteinuria

Postby enlarsh » Tue Nov 28, 638609 5:39 am

Glad to see your dr is on top of things. Wishing you an uneventful next 5 days. :-)

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Re : borderline bp and high proteinuria

Postby starry14 » Fri Nov 17, 638609 7:55 pm

I just want to say thank you SO MUCH for your feedback. I guess it is still a bit hard for me to accept the fact that I have PE, even though today is my sixth day in the hospital for it!

The good news is, my BP has continued to be normal here, with me lying on my side all day, really resting. And, they have decided to induce me next Monday, assuming I stay stable between now and then. That will put me at 36.5 weeks, which is great for twins. So, I am very thankful.

Also, my peri consulted with a kidney specialist about my proteinuria, and the kidney doc reviewed my case and all the labs and concluded that this is NOT an underlying renal issue, it IS pre-eclampsia. So, that also helped bring all the doctors into consensus about my diagnosis, and in a way it was a relief to me because I had started to worry that there was some separate problem with my kidneys!

I am just taking it one day at a time right now.

Again, thank you so much. It is really helpful to hear from other women who have been through PE, and also to see that you and your kiddos made it through!!


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Re : borderline bp and high proteinuria

Postby karoliina » Mon Nov 06, 638609 7:40 pm

I was the same in my first pregnancy. I did get a couple of BP readings a little over 140/90 (that's when I was admitted), but after that they were always taken in the hospital when I was lying down, and they were normal. My baseline is around 120/60. However, I had around 1,000 mg of protein already when I was admitted and it went up to around 4,000 mg before delivery.

I went into labour spontaneously when I was 37+0 weeks along, but they said they would've started to think about inducing soon if I hadn't.

This time I have higher BP readings but much less protein in my urine.


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Re : borderline bp and high proteinuria

Postby caryn » Mon Nov 06, 638609 1:57 pm

Welcome to the forums.

It sounds like PE to me too, plus you are listing just a landslide of risk factors for it -- subchorionic hemorrhage, twins, hx of miscarriage, GD, and even PTL if I recall correctly. Two readings with the diastolic over 90 plus more than 300 mg protein makes you a PE patient. IUGR and oligo both go along with placental insufficiency, which is what's related to the release of the chemicals that cause PE.

I'm glad the three of you are in the hospital getting close monitoring. Keep us posted; this bit at the end can be scary but doesn't last all that long usually. :-)

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Re : borderline bp and high proteinuria

Postby trish » Mon Nov 06, 638609 1:22 pm

Welcome! And yes, sorry to say it does sound like PE. PE is diagnosed with 2 pressures of 140/90 within 6 hours & protein of 300 mg or greater. Since you have such a low baseline BP, you don't technically *have* to have 140/90 for it to be PE. Any rise in your top # of 30 points and 15 in your bottom # is cause for concern. Having labile pressures, or BP that "bounces around", usually starts and then eventually settles at high BP consistently.

Here is a link to the signs and symptoms page: Thankfully you are already being well monitored and taken care of in the hospital. 35 weeks, especially for twins really is great & getting to 36 would be icing on the cake!

Hang in there, try not to panic and feel free to ask anymore questions as you think of them. We're here to help!

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borderline bp and high proteinuria

Postby starry14 » Mon Nov 06, 638609 11:02 am


I would love any feedback/thoughts about my situation:
I was just diagnosed with "atypical" pre-eclampsia and have now been in the hospital for four days. I am 35 weeks along with twins, and have had a lot of complications this pregnancy: subchorionic hematoma with bleeding in second trimester, shortening cervix and irritable uterus beginning at 21 weeks- have been on bed rest at home since then, gestational diabetes, and proteinuria beginning at around 22 weeks. Also, one of my twins was diagnosed with oligohydramnios (very low amniotic fluid) about one month ago, and the other one is now at risk for IUGR- his growth rate has plummeted in the past two weeks. This is my fourth pregnancy after three miscarriages. I am seeing a perinatologist who is the head of the MFM group at a large hospital, and he has been excellent so far.

My blood pressure when I am not pregnant is a very steady 90/60. Beginning around 25 weeks, it began to rise into the 130/80 range, and then there were a couple sporadic readings of 145/high 80's. I did several 24 hour urine tests over a two week period, and my protein level went from around 500 to 700mg.

Last week, I started feeling kind of "off". My head was pounding, and I felt woozy. I also became very sensitive to light. When I went in for an emergency appointment, the urine dipstick was 3+. My bp at the office was 122/85, and doctor sent me home to do a 24 hour urine. The next day I measured my bp at home, and got readings of 136/91 and then an hour later 145/93. I had been lying down all day, on bed rest. Before I could call my doctor, he called me and said that my 24 hour urine had come back with 1,360 mg of protein, and I needed to come in right away and be admitted. I am here on hospital bed rest, being monitored closely. My bp is checked every 4 hours, and it has been NORMAL for the past four days! (averaging about 110/75). Also, I have had 2 rounds of bloodwork and everything has come back fine (platelets good, no sign of HELLP). My headaches have subsided, and aside from feeling very tired and some sporadic contractions, I feel ok. I have begun to have significant swelling in my hands and feet over the past few days, though, and they now have me wearing special socks around the clock to try to reduce the swelling in my feet.

My peri believes that I have pre-eclampsia, and that it will probably fully manifest itself with more consistent high bp at some point in the next few days or week...this is why he has me on hospital bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy. However, not all of his colleagues agree. If my bp stays steady, then we are planning to induce in about one week.

I am just wondering- does this sound like pre-eclampsia to you experienced folks? Have you heard of having high proteinuria and borderline bp levels?

I am really concerned about all of this and am trying not to panic too much, but it's hard. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

Thanks so much!

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