Labetalol Side Effects

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Re : Labetalol Side Effects

Postby karoliina » Mon Nov 06, 638609 7:48 pm

I felt really dizzy when I started with Labetalol, but it got better in a day or two. After that I've mostly noticed the tingly scalp, but it's not very bad. However, for the past week or so I've had a lot of trouble breathing, even when I'm resting. I haven't been sure if it's because of the size of the baby or PE - and now reading this I'm wondering if it's the meds.

I did mention it to a dr last week, but she didn't say anything to that.


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Re : Labetalol Side Effects

Postby crystalw » Mon Nov 06, 638609 4:43 pm

It gives me terrible headaches also! And for the first couple weeks after I started it I also felt shaky and just really really yucky. But it did get better but I still have trouble with the headaches. Not as bad as the procardia though. They had to stop that because I literally thought my head was going to EXPLODE.. the headaches were unbearable.

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Re : Labetalol Side Effects

Postby caryn » Mon Nov 06, 638609 1:38 pm

I agree with Trish; I'd mention it. Maybe they can tweak things to make you more comfortable.

Pregnancy-safe bp meds are older and haven't benefitted from redesign to lessen the side effects. Because labetalol is a beta blocker it slows the pulse and that can contribute, I think, to breathlessness. Especially in pg women who are already dealing with a) squished lungs, and b) PE, which does tend to affect breathing.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Re : Labetalol Side Effects

Postby trish » Mon Nov 06, 638609 1:02 pm

I would let your OB know about the symptoms/side effects you are feeling. I was on labetalol for a long time; my entire pregnancy & then 6 months PP. About 3 months PP I started having a lot of shortness of breath & several other symptoms. For several months they treated me with many meds for asthma (which didn't help one bit) before eventually realizing it was an allergic reaction.

You can have shortness of breath from pregnancy or just allergies/asthma in general but my beta blocker (labetalol) allergic reaction felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest while I was breathing through a straw.

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Re : Labetalol Side Effects

Postby hannahsmom » Mon Nov 06, 638609 10:08 am

That is interesting that you mention the side effects. I have been on it for a week and a half and have been getting terrible headaches, but I did not connect the two. I have also been having shortness of breath. I have not had either one today, though, so maybe the side effects eventually go away.

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Labetalol Side Effects

Postby ellecarys » Mon Nov 06, 638609 8:20 am

I started taking labetalol on Friday afternoon due to unstable BP readings. My OB put me on 200mg 3/day and I've noticed a decrease in my BP readings. I've gone from high 130s/80s (and some really high ones- 158/98) to BPs in the 120s/70s range. That's great, but I really feel terrible on these meds.

I've been dealing with headaches all weekend. They seem to get a little better when I eat something, so I don't know if they are blood sugar related. I've also noticed that my shortness of breath seems to be worse. Has anyone else had issues adjusting to labetalol? When can I expect for the headaches to cease?


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