Possibly going home from hospital - long

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Re : Possibly going home from hospital - long

Postby trish » Sat Oct 14, 638609 1:22 pm

In my opinion it is a crazy idea to tell you not to take your BP. Like ignoring your symptoms will make them go away?? If only it were that easy we'd all go to term!

Hopefully your MFM will see you soon and give better advice. If it were up to me to choose, I'd stay.

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Re : Possibly going home from hospital - long

Postby lilillini » Sat Oct 14, 638609 7:00 am

Oh Melissa, I'm so sorry you are going through this. You know I know how you feel! And I totally agree with Amber - telling a preeclamptic to go home and not take their blood pressure is just asking for trouble! Hopefully the next doc will less on crack and let you stay. The erratic pressures are just as dangerous as high, stable ones. I'm starting to think that doctor went to the same med school as the one who told me I was fine the other day!

*hugs* Hang in there, you are doing great!

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Re : Possibly going home from hospital - long

Postby quincyf » Sat Oct 14, 638609 5:18 am


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Re : Possibly going home from hospital - long

Postby ambersjourney » Sat Oct 14, 638609 5:10 am

Ewww... interesting. First off, I say that what makes you MORE comfortable and relaxed is most important. You are far from the hospital... making it more difficult to get there in a timely manner should you need to.

Not take your bp!? What???? Thats crazy! You HAVE PRE ECLAMPSIA. That was an idiodic thing for a DR to say! I am a bit in shock from that. I would advise you to call your Peri's office from your hospital room and let them know how you feel and that this Dr. who wants to send you packing also told to you NOT TAKE BP at home! When the Peri and the OB talk... Peri will be at least more informed and also aware of your feelings on the matter.

Please let me know what happens! *hugs*

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Possibly going home from hospital - long

Postby mivied » Sat Oct 14, 638609 4:43 am

Hello all.

I've been in the hospital for a week now for my high blood pressure issues. The last 24 hour urine that I did turned out 584 of protein, so I guess I have mild preeclampsia.

Each day, I've seen a different dr. The office that I go to has 7 different drs and I get to see whichever one is on call for the day. This has been fine with me so far. I really like the practice that I go to, and most of the dr's are great.

Anyway, the dr on call today, who has been one of my favorites, walked in this morning and said, "why are you here?" That of course made me feel like an idiot. It's not like I can admit myself anyway. But anyway, he went on to say that he doesn't see any reason for me to be here. He said that everything they are providing for me, can be provided at home, except for the extra monitoring, which in his opinion is overkill anyway.

Granted, this morning, my most recent pressure was 138/88 (the lowest I had since I got here last Saturday), but the one before that was 167/91. The pressures have been pretty eratic. But he also said that if I was to go home, he doesn't even want me checking my pressure. That seems so different from what most people on this forum have stated about their drs.

I don't know what to think. He said that he's not making any changes to any "plans" right now, and isn't sending me home without the go ahead from the MFM whom he wants me to see again on Monday. Now, so far, baby is doing fine. She hasn't been affected by my blood pressures or anything, so I'm happy about that.

The dr said that he thinks that me being here will just cause another dr to worry and jump the gun and deliver me, when I'd be better off at home.

I don't know. He has some good points, but I feel much better here. I live an hour away from the hospital and my dr's office. After all I've heard about preeclampsia turning from mild to severe so quickly, of course it makes me feel more safe being here in case something happens, but it would be nice to be at home too.

What do you ladies think? Oh, by the way, I'll be 35 weeks on Monday, so I'm in a good position there.

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