weight gain

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Re : weight gain

Postby saving_grace » Fri Apr 09, 638613 2:10 am

I had the sudden weight gain with both pregnancies where I gained 4-5 pounds in just one week after not having gained hardly any weight at all up to that point. It seemed to happen just before or at the same time my BP started acting up. I was ignored also by my first OB - my pressures were borderline when in the OB office but elevated a good bit at home in the weeks leading up to my OB finally realizing I had a problem. I was having frequent headaches that tylenol wouldn't help for which I was prescribed wygesic. I should have spoken up more because I had a pretty good idea that the headaches were related to my elevated BP but it was first pregnancy and I trusted the OB. The OB completely missed the signs until my BP shot up really high and wouldn't come down. Even then the nurse taking my BP said I was just tired of being pregnant and was just trying to get induced. Grrr... So glad I dumped that practice!

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Re : weight gain

Postby sulau » Thu Apr 08, 638613 5:42 pm

I put on 6 kgs in 2 weeks before I was diagnosed as PE. I had very bad swelling but bp levels were ok. My doc gave me 10 minutes lecture on watching my cholesterol levels, fat intake etc as he thought I was pigging out. He brushed me off when I told him I had swollen feet(he didn't even look at my feet).

Only at the following visit did he noticed my condition when my bp was high, and he saw my swollen feet (like those of hobbits). I was diagnosed as PE shortly after.

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Re : weight gain

Postby karoliina » Thu Sep 21, 638609 9:30 am

Weight gain is a symptom even if you're not visibly swollen. I had that in my first pregnancy. Actually there is swelling, but it can be distributed so evenly you can't really tell.


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Re : weight gain

Postby annes » Wed Sep 20, 638609 2:20 pm

Sudden weight gain, and jittery, nervous feelings can both be symptoms of pe. I don't know if the weight gain is always due to visible swelling, but I have always just heard it described as weight gain. I think those symptoms warrant a call to your Doc, just see if you can come in and get checked out.

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Re : weight gain

Postby carjashaner » Sun Sep 10, 638609 6:38 pm

I am the same way as AmbersJourney. every time my blood pressure would get a bit high, I turned from a good witch to a bad witch.

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Re : weight gain

Postby ambersjourney » Sun Sep 10, 638609 5:17 pm

Hi, I was wondering if you monitor your bp from home? I notice I am extremely moody when mine is high.

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weight gain

Postby lwidel » Sun Sep 10, 638609 6:04 am

Hi have a couple questions....from monday to monday i have gained 5 pounds to me that seems a little excessive...i know sudden weigh gain is a symptom but i thought the weight gain was due to swelling which i dont seem to have to much of.....Is it a symptom without the swelling???..Also just a general pregnancy question....i am 33 weeks and all of a sudden out of nowhere i am so irritable its crazy i dont feel at all like myself my poor husband and daughter havent seen an ounce of patience with me and im just so crabby all the time...anyone else experience this......also once in a while i get extreme nausea for just a minute or 2 and then it goes away?

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