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Re : Blood pressure still high, but no induction yet

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 638607 1:15 am
by debbie78
I was just going to echo what everyone else has said regarding induction for high bp alone. My OB this time has told me that I will be induced at 39 weeks (previous pregnancy with "borderline" PE, the next pregnancy with PIH). He said that if my pressures get *too* high this time, the baby will dictate when it's time to come out. If Finn is doing well with my pressures higher, then he will stay put, but if he is being negatively affected by my pressures they will induce.

I'm sorry the pregnancy is rough on you, but hang in there, you are almost there. Even though the bedrest is driving you nuts, just remember that a healthy baby (and momma) is what is most important in this journey. <3 Not too much longer now.

Re : Blood pressure still high, but no induction yet

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 638607 1:50 am
by alessels
Thanks Guys, I just don’t like the idea of walking around with high blood pressure.
I will be 35 weeks as of Wednesday, I understand waiting until 36, but passed that is too much for me, if I didn’t have the high blood pressure than I know, I just need to suck it up, but it’s definitely effecting me.
I have wasted too much time as it is already being on bed rest and restricted to do anything, it’s driving me insane.
I know that as soon as I have the baby, things will be back to normal again.
My daughter was born at 36 weeks and she was perfectly fine and then so was I.

Re : Blood pressure still high, but no induction yet

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 638607 6:10 pm
by caryn
They generally won't induce for high bp alone until you're term, because the cost to the baby is likely to be higher and they know that the changes in the mother's body reverse with delivery.

Thursday's a good day for an NST -- it keeps you from worrying over the weekend so much. They'll probably dip your urine there but I would probably ask about another 24-hour as well, at least to see what they'd think was a reason to run another one. (Trace often isn't, but +1 pretty much always is...)

Take care, and keep us posted.

Re : Blood pressure still high, but no induction yet

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 638607 9:43 am
by karoliina
Hello Adri,

It's safe to vent here. :)

Just wanted to tell you about my situation, because I think it's a bit similar to yours: My baseline BP is low, but it kept creeping up and hit the around 160/100 range last week. I was put on Labetalol, and now it's gotten to the around 140/90 range, and I was told it's okay if it won't be consistently over 150/95.

I have more than 300mg/dl of protein in my urine, so I'm diagnostically preeclamptic. I'm 37 weeks along now, but if things are not getting worse, I don't know if I'll be induced at all, and no earlier than 39 weeks. It's probably different in your country, but as you're only 35 weeks along (?), I don't think you should be very worried and anxious at this point.

They will consider who's at a greater risk, you or the baby, and if your only symptom now is the high blood pressure that is kept under control with meds, it's probably best to let the baby mature inside you for a little longer.

I know the last weeks are not pleasant at all, but try to hang in there! And keep us posted.


Blood pressure still high, but no induction yet

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 638607 6:02 am
by alessels
Doctor’s appointment went fine.
Got there, urine tested negative for protein, blood pressure was high, diastolic was 99, then she asked me to wait 10 minutes and it was 90.
She said that she would like to keep me a couple of more weeks pg.
I am disappointed though because I’d like to get this baby out, I am so sick of being pg.
She wants me to go on Thursday to the Labour and Delivery to do another series of blood pressure readings and another non-stress test, then go back to see her on Monday.
I am really, really disappointed.
My blood pressure is still high, yet they still want to keep me pregnant.
It’s like when you get this far, they only care about the baby, I am not happing walking around with high blood pressure even while on medication.
Thanks for letting me vent.