No heparin or lovenox?

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Re : No heparin or lovenox?

Postby caryn » Sat Jun 22, 638318 10:51 am

There are links to a bunch of studies discussing thrombophilias and PE in this sticky (under Thrombophilias and PE):

I think the trend is clear and interesting; they used to be more gung-ho about treating thrombophilias than they are now, and that suggests to me that your peri is probably really on top of the recent research.

You might print them out and discuss it with your peri?

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Re : No heparin or lovenox?

Postby fiona » Fri Jun 21, 638318 3:21 pm

Beth is right - MTHFR is not in itself, something necessarily to be treated with a blood thinner. Extra folic acid is a treatment we are seeing increasingly prescribed.

Lovenox/heparin are not drugs you want to be on unless they are completely indicated for your dx - they come with their own risks.

(I can't actually see anything in your siggy detailing your dx, so I am just responding to the previous posters.)

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Re : No heparin or lovenox?

Postby beth11 » Fri Jun 21, 638318 12:38 pm

I don't know about the first, so take this with a grain of sald :), but I don't think MTHFR - by itself - is typically treated with blood thinners/ Lovenox. I'm still learning about all this, but I'll tell you what my dr. said - he said that MTHFR hetro is very common and not a clotting disorder, per se. I was told that MTHFR homo is a concern because it can cause your homosystine (sp?) levels to be elevated. Elevated homosystine levels are "treated" with extra folic acid.

I have MTHFR homo, but no elevated homosystine levels. I asked my dr. yesterday if that meant that *my* MTHFR (without elevated homosystine) was a "clotting disorder" for me - he basically said no, not in his view. He explained it like the icing on the cake - I have so many other clotting disorders, and the MTHFR homo doesn't help, but its not a big deal in and of itself . . . .regardless, if I get pg again I will simply take extra folic acid (although I will be on Lovenox for all my other stuff so, like I said, take this with a grain of salt!) Hope this helps a little . . .

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Re : No heparin or lovenox?

Postby laraeamie » Fri Jun 21, 638318 3:43 am

i have factor five leiden and I have been successfully treated with baby aspirin, extra folic acid, calcium, prenatals, and singulair due to my asthma. I had a successful pregnancy 2 years ago. After loosing my daughter to severe pre-e and HELLP. With my son I was pre-e and HELLP free.

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No heparin or lovenox?

Postby grasshoppamama » Thu Jun 20, 638318 4:35 pm

I recently had a consult with a peri to consider what to do about a future pregnancy. They tested for the UDs and turns out that I have the two that are listed below in my signature. When they called to tell me the results the doctor didn't seem concerned. He just said that I would increase my Folgard to 2x daily instead of once, and continue taking the LDA. It seems that the women on here who have a thrombophilia are told they would have to do lovenox injections.

Has anyone heard of a case of a thrombophilia which was not treated with lovenox?

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