Could this be early onset PE? -Updated-

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Re : Could this be early onset PE? -Updated-

Postby anthonyleah12 » Sat Jan 27, 638312 7:10 pm

I had some of the onsets early, my bp became elevated at 13 weeks, and became uncontrolable at 18 weeks, putting me in the ICU, and in and out of the hospital until I spilled "protein" went from none to a +4 within a day, at week 22. That's when the official diagnosis came, and I was put in to the hospital until 24 weeks, which is when I delievered. I showed signs of severe IUGUR at 22 weeks, even though at 20 weeks everything was "normal" with baby. I def. agree with Niki, about seeing a MFM you concerns need to be taken seriously.

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Re : Could this be early onset PE? -Updated-

Postby biogal » Sat Jan 27, 638312 6:35 pm

Turtle, I had signs of IUGR already at 21 wks when my son was measuring 11 days behind. My bp didn't start rising until 23wks at which point my 24hr urine test was over 1200. Are you seeing a peri/MFM? If not, you may want to consider requesting a referral. I think you have legitimate concerns that need to be taken seriously. Best wishes to you!

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Could this be early onset PE? -Updated-

Postby turtle » Sat Jan 27, 638312 5:08 pm

Hi I am new here and not sure what to do. I am 35yrs old and this is my 3rd pregnancy I developed pe with my previous 2 pregnancies with my first it showed at 35weeks and delivered at 38weeks with my second it developed at 30weeks and delivered at 36weeks. This pregnancy has just been a nightmare at 8weeks I developed a pulmonary embolism started clexane injections 80mg twice a day which I am still on but will be reduced to 40mg once a day in 3 weeks. At 12weeks I was rushed to hospital my platelets were at 8 and needed urgent platelet transfusion they are now 40. At 13weeks I started spilling 2+ protein was sent to a renal specialist 24hr urine protein came back at 500. They could not determine what was causing protein and I still see renal specialist every second week. At 17 weeks my BP was 140/100 they started me on labetalol 100mg 3 times a day. At 18weeks my BP was 150/100 and they increased labetalol to 200mg 3 times a day. I am now 20weeks and have just done another 24hr urine test and protein was 1810. BP is hovering around 135/85 even with meds. My concern is that I dont think my dr is taking it seriously with the last urine test his comment was it seems to be normal for you. I have had severe headaches since 15weeks to the point I cant lift my head of the pillow I am now starting to have a bit of swelling but because the symptoms started so early they do not think it is PE. I also had a scan done at 19weeks 3days but baby only measured 18weeks and 4days which concerns me as bub has always measured correctly. Has anyone had symptoms start this early?. Thanks

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