Roll Call: who had postpartum preeclampsia?

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Re : Roll Call: who had postpartum preeclampsia?

Postby jennmojo » Fri Oct 04, 638318 8:36 am

I developed preeclampsia at 37 weeks with my fourth child/pregnancy and was induced at that point. Praise God he and I both came through okay, but it's great to hear from all of you because it's now been 11 months and am still on meds because it still flares up about once a week or so. My drs all thought it'd resolve with delivery or at the latest 4-6 months postpartum, so it's nice to hear that there ARE in fact others who are still dealing with this one year postpartum.

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Re : Roll Call: who had postpartum preeclampsia?

Postby alisonj » Thu Aug 08, 638318 10:22 am

3 times.
First time in 1997 started having problems in labour. Put on mag. Sent home after two days, Returned the following day feeling horrible with super high BP. Sent home on Labetatlol.
Second time 2006 pre-e started along with HELLP at 36 weeks induced with mag again. Sent home after two days and a normal BP. Next day returned to hospital with bad headache and super high BP 210/117. Spent a week in hospital and sent home on meds. Stayed on them 4 mnths.
Third time 2007 no problems till 30 minutes after delivery when BP spike and chest pains started. Put on mag,. Sent home 2 days later on labetalol. Returned next day with bad headache and super high BP's. Put on mag right away and admitted. Stayed over 2 weeks, as they couldnt get my BP down to a good level. Stayed really high despite three meds. Finally sent home on 4 different medications and stayed on them over a year.
Now BP is not too bad but still goes up on occasion. Despite the problems I was never sent to a high risk OB or anything and my concerns were always dismissed. My OB told me we would cross any bridges when we got there. :(

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Re : Roll Call: who had postpartum preeclampsia?

Postby summerw77 » Sun Jun 02, 638312 10:11 pm

Well 1 of my peri's said I had PIH and post-partum pre-eclampsia and one said I had both. My kidney's didnt'get real bad until after delivery, they were pumping bolio's through me in an hour or 2 at a time. I had nearly NO urine output and what little was there for the first 48 hours literally looked like I dumped a coke into it. I felt SOOOOO sick, they had to keep me laying flat or barely elevated for the first 3 days, I mean like if they tried to tilt me up I passed out> I still don't know if that was the pre-e or my reaction to the epidural but it was SCARY. They wouldn't let me hold kade for 2 dyas, troy had to hold him up to me. It really sucked. I don't know what my labs were but they ran them constantly every few hours. I dont think they were measuring protien in my urine though. They did leave the cathadar in for 3 days instead of taking it out right after, becuz they wouldn't let me walk to the bathroom. I haven't gotten my medical records but I probably should read them> I think I got delivered just in time by wonderful dr's. I had met diagnostic before delivery (398 and 380) but 1 peri said yes I was diagnosed, 1 said no I was CHT.

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Re : Roll Call: who had postpartum preeclampsia?

Postby willow&sam » Sat Apr 06, 638312 2:48 pm

Better late than never I suppose.....

I developed "severe" PE about 48 hours PP after my first child was born. I was still in the hospital at the time recovering from my c/s. I received mag. for about 24 hours. I had been limping along with ever increasing BPs and swelling for weeks before (although I had little or no protein in the urine). BP never really recovered much and I'm still on BP meds.

BP went really high after both subsequent deliveries but, I apparently didn't develop PE in pregnancy/PP period #2 & #3.

Just wish my BP would regulate (I'm on 4 different meds now and it's still running high.

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Re : Roll Call: who had postpartum preeclampsia?

Postby youngk » Tue Feb 06, 638312 11:32 pm

Hi! I am so glad I found this site, I had post partum eclampsia, I devloped a terrible headache 5 days post partum and went to casualty ( ER Dept) where I was admitted for two days with suspected brain clots/haemorrage??? then sent home with 'Just' a tension headache for the next three nights I took myself back to hospital and was sent home with the same diagnosis, the headache got worse, along with swelling, on the evening of day 10 I went to bed and had three grand mal seizures in my sleep and was rushed to hospital where they found my BP had spiked and I had protein in my urine ( I had had protein in my urine since before the birth and it was even noticed before I was induced!!) By the time I arrived I had to have my airways supported and they thought I had organ damage, however once they pushed the Mag Sulphate I recovered remarkably quickly, after three days I was home, the hospital are covering them selves with the line.. whenever you came in your Bp was normal, im not a doctor but even I know, proteins and swelling with a bad headache should have told them it was pre eclampsia!!! Im now finding it really hard to recover and don't feel 100% and im not sure if I ever will, to top it off they think the seizures have now left me with epilepsy! This was only 5 weeks ago so I am ever hopeful that my drugs will start to work soon and I can enjoy my two beautiful children!

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Re : Roll Call: who had postpartum preeclampsia?

Postby presnei » Thu Oct 19, 638305 11:02 am

I am pregnant with my 6th baby (20 weeks now)and my ob is staying pretty alert to me since I developed severe postpartum preeclampsia after the birth of my previous child. I went into early labor at 36 weeks due to a case of the flu that I had. My son was born with immature lungs and it was a very stressful time but he did well with some medication and I was moved to a regular room so I could stay there with him. I was allowed to stay in the nursery with him as he couldn't leave, and I stayed in there pretty much the whole time so I wasn't recieving the monitoring I should have been. I do remember starting to have headaches in the hospital and my legs and feet began to swell. Me and the baby were discharged after 5 days and that same night I began to feel very strange and faint and my bp rose to 140/95 and my pulse dropped to 43. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain rise up into my head and explode and I had a siezure (I didn't know it was a seizure). When I came out of it I had a severe headache but didn't go to the hospital. The next morning my mom took me back to L&D and they did an MRI, bp was still up but they dismissed it and tried to give me a shot of demoral, which I refused due to breastfeeding. They gave me a pill instead and I came home and slept but woke up with a still terible headache. Went back to L&D to be evaluated for a spinal headache and was told I was fine. So as my health continued to deterioate I became my own physician and checked my own bp and it was steadily going up and was worse when I laid down. I made an appt with my general dr and was diagnosed with pnuemonia (it was actually fluid in my lungs from the bp) That night, 11 days after I gave birth, I drove myself to the ER because my head hurt so bad and my bp was so high. Upon arrival my bp was 195/120 and they couldn't get it down. They admitted me and treated me all day to no avail and finally that night sent me by ambulance to a bigger hospital 2 hours away. I was admitted into a CCU and put on nitroglycerin. They sent me home 3 days later on medication for "high blood pressure" but it didn't do a good job. Finally at my 6 week check-up my ob discovered protein in my urine and my bp still 150/100 and diagnosed me with post-partum preeclampsia. He treated me with Procardia and iron (I was very anemic) and in 2 weeks I was feeling like a new person! I tapered off of the med and have been fine since. My baby boy is a healthy 2 year old too, by the way. My ob this time is new to me but he's being very precautious, and has already done a 24 hour urine analysis to get a baseline for me. Also told me to take an aspirin a day to help prevent PPE this time. Has anyone else heard of this? Thankyou for letting me share my story. I knew what PE was but had no idea you could get it postpartum, and I think my life was in much risk simply because of the ignorance of doctors on this issue. I would like to see more people become aware of this and know the symptoms.

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Re : Roll Call: who had postpartum preeclampsia?

Postby arene » Fri Oct 22, 637649 1:57 pm

Pe began at delivery, bp continued to be very high (170/95) for about 6 months until they found the right combo of meds. Then I was back in chronic hypertension mode.

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Re : Roll Call: who had postpartum preeclampsia?

Postby gmblngrl » Fri Oct 08, 637649 10:42 am

"Offically diag." 8 days postpartum, Hospitalized that day for 3 days then went home for day, then back to hospital for four more days. Blood clot and heart attack 2 months postpartum. Nov. 18 2005

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Re : Roll Call: who had postpartum preeclampsia?

Postby bamagirl » Sat Nov 07, 637361 4:35 am

I was re-admitted 6 days pp with severe pppe. I had no idea you could develop this after delivery, in fact I had always heard that "delivery is the cure." I did have PIH during the last 5-6 months of the pregnancy. It's been 3 weeks and I'm still having high bp and am on medicine. The good news is we have a beautiful daughter.

Alicia (42)
Patrick (36)
Daughter Finley born 10/05/05 and doing wonderful!

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Re : Roll Call: who had postpartum preeclampsia?

Postby crogers » Sat Jun 17, 637358 5:32 pm

Hello all-my name is Cara and here is a bit of my story. I had a completely healthy pregnancy and no complications whatsoever until around 31 weeks 6 days. At that time I began to develop a headache that wouldnt go away with Tylenol. Actually, it came and went. On Monday (now 32 wks 1 day), I went to the hospital emergency room and BP was clost to 200 over 110 (I think). They admitted me and started me on a mag drip. My Dr. came in and told me that I had severe toxemia (specifically HELLP syndrome) and right after he left the room I seized. Was transferred by ambulance to a better hospital that was equipped with a really good neo-natal unit and had Lillian 2 days later by a c-section. My BPs stayed up AFTER delivery and I was discharged 5 days later on 500mg of labetalol (2x a day) .2mg of clonidine (3x a day) and when I went back to the Drs. two days later, he put me on a third prescription of vasotec 20mg (2x a day). I ended up weaning off the meds over a period of 3 months and now my BP is totally normal- well, except when I go to the Drs. office. It shoots up 30 points on each end. So, it normally runs around 100-110 over 55-70 and when the Dr takes it, its around 135-145 over 85-95. Kind of interesting. I say all of this to say, my pre-eclamptic symptoms didnt go away (especially the BP) for a while. But thankfully I'm fine now and my daughter is doing fabulous.

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