Steroids for Lung Development

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Re : Steroids for Lung Development

Postby chloem » Fri Jan 02, 638303 6:43 am

I had the shots at 33 weeks and delivered at 34. My son had no breathing problems whatsoever so that was great. It didn't hurt to much, at least in the bum you can't see what they are doing lol I prefer that!

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Re : Steroids for Lung Development

Postby sel79 » Mon Dec 01, 638302 5:43 am

I received my at 30 weeks. They told me that usually they give the shots if they think you will be delivering within 2 weeks. 4 days after my last shot a delivered. I had 2 shots 24 hour apart in my upper butt to the side. I did not notice any side effect, until my mom ask way my skin was flush. Anywhere my clothes touch me my skin was warm and red. 36 hours after my last shot it was gone. I did not tell the nurse, because it was not discomforting and I know it would make a difference to my son. He almost went 24 hr on a CPAP before having to be intubated for 5 days then back to the CPAP. He came home two weeks before his due day, I credit a good bite of that to him getting the steroid shots.

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Re : Steroids for Lung Development

Postby aliciab » Mon Dec 01, 638302 3:58 am

I had the shots as well and did find them to be painful. I had mine in week 34 I believe and had my daughter that day after I was 37 weeks. She didn't have any respiratory problems after her birth.


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Re : Steroids for Lung Development

Postby panguitch02 » Fri Nov 28, 638302 6:47 pm

Holly said what I would have said...the shots hurt, so ask for ice to numb the injection site before. I got the shots at 30 weeks, and Jameson was born at 33 weeks. He was still on a vent for 2-3 days and had chronic lung disease until released from the NICU 6 weeks later, I don't even want to think what his health would have been like if he didn't get the steroids!!!! They hurt for a few minutes but I think...very worth it.

kelly w
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Re : Steroids for Lung Development

Postby kelly w » Wed Nov 19, 638302 2:16 am

Hey, thanks ladies! This was extremely helpful - just what I needed to know. As always, you guys are the BEST!

We are hoping not to deliver before 36 weeks, but this is a precaution and I'm glad to have the option [and very glad to know it helps if I do end up in an emergency early delivery].


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Re : Steroids for Lung Development

Postby kara » Tue Nov 18, 638302 7:56 pm

If the nurse pinches your skin the right way they shouldn't hurt at all. :-) Steroid shots can help, but they aren't an equal replacement for time in the womb. So while they do have benefit, they don't automatically make a babies lungs mature. My 31 weeker had them and I do think they helped limit her time on oxygen, she still had RDS, because a 31 weeker can't be expected to breathe without some help. We're glad we got the shots!

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Re : Steroids for Lung Development

Postby amarah » Tue Nov 18, 638302 11:35 am

I only made it long enough to have one. But It is a shot that goes into your muscle I believe, and mine was put in my but/upperthigh area (they all blend together lol) And I dont wanna make it sound scarey but it hurt like heck. Although at 34 weeks my daughter needed no help breathing.

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Re : Steroids for Lung Development

Postby purplefrogger » Tue Nov 18, 638302 4:47 am

I really don't remember what they felt like but it was 2 shots 24 hrs. apart and we dilivered like just a few hours after the second shot. We had done an amnio. the morning before and it showed his lungs we not developed. I also had Gestational Diabetes so that makes the lungs not mature as fast. Anyway I had him at 35 weeks and he was on oxygen for like 6 hours so I think that that was really good. So I am totally for the shots.

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Re : Steroids for Lung Development

Postby blythe » Mon Nov 17, 638302 9:55 pm

No personal experience here, but I found some links for you - maybe too much information ;->. My non-expert summary is that there is some data concerning the risks of multiple shots (over weeks and weeks - and Caryn points out those studies are likely "confounded" by other prematurity factors) BUT so far the research shows the precautionary dose you'll be getting has no risks to baby or you!
Antenatal betamethasone: reassuring long-term data.
Maternal steroid injections shortly before premature delivery reduce the risk of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome. A 30-year follow-up study of subjects exposed to betamethasone in utero showed no impact of this treatment on cardiovascular, mental, pulmonary or bone function.
Incidence of respiratory disorders in neonates born between 34 and 36 weeks of gestation following exposure to antenatal corticosteroids between 24 and 34 weeks of gestation.
The beneficial effects of corticosteroids were similar in both genders. It appears that the exposure of singleton pregnancies to antenatal corticosteroids between 24 and 34 weeks of gestation is associated with a significantly lower incidence of respiratory disorders among neonates born at 34 to 36 weeks of gestation.

Expert response:
Steroids for accelerating fetal lung maturity are given as either two injections 24 hours apart (betamethasone), or 4-8 injections every 6-12 hours (dexamethasone). The betamethasone regimen is preferred. The maximum benefit for fetal lung maturation is seen 24 hours after the last dose is given and persists for at least 7 days. At present, repetitive dosing is not recommended. Corticosteroids at these doses will adversely affect blood sugar, but adjusting insulin dosage will control this and the fetal benefits tend outweigh the maternal metabolic risks. Blood glucose control will usually return to near baseline levels within 4-5 days. - Can Steroid shot hurt baby? - Steroids for babies' lungs questions

and finally... ... evelopment

I'm glad your new doc is so proactive! Hang in there!

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Re : Steroids for Lung Development

Postby hols537 » Mon Nov 17, 638302 8:25 pm

My nurse said they would hurt, so she iced me up before giving them. So, they didn't hurt going in. I was slightly sore for a day or so after, but nothing bad.

In addition to helping the lungs mature, I also heard from a neonatologist that it also reduces the risk for brain bleeds after birth.

My son came out screaming and never needed anything more than a cannula for a day and had no brain bleeds either. I was given them at almost 31 weeks.

I have read about some differing thoughts about when they are most beneficial - some doctors feel that they need to be repeated if the baby hasn't delivered within some period (I think 2 weeks) because they give the most benefit in the first week or so after being administered, but I've also seen studies that said there was no benefit to readministering.

I haven't heard of any negative effects for the babies.

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