How many of you saw spots?

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby preemomof2 » Fri Jan 16, 638303 1:48 pm

I had seen flying light flashes...but the day I delivered with severe pree I had a dark spot...covering my whole left eye when u stare at the sun and u get a spot...well thats what I thought it was...but it didnt go away! And the rest is history.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby cgaydos » Thu Jan 15, 638303 8:30 am

I had black spots, floaters, flashing lights, all the vision problems prior to being diagnosed with severe PE at 23 weeks. Before I actually delivered my son, I was also total blind. I could see images and shapes but couldn't make anything or anyone out. GO SEE YOUR DOC.
Best of luck. May God bless you.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby caryn » Thu Jan 15, 638303 12:19 am

I asked my opthamologist about floaters postpartum, and he said that anyone over 30 who didn't have permanent floaters just wasn't paying attention. :-) So the floaters I don't worry about *too* much when people report them, but flashy lights or sparklies or tunnel vision or black spots that stay in one place are scary. As Kara said, they can mean pressure on the optic nerve from cerebral swelling, and that's pretty well-correlated with eclamptic seizures.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby sel79 » Sun Jan 04, 638303 8:55 pm

I saw black spot at work one day and just thought it was the sun. I did not know anything about PE. A few days later at my doctor's appointment he told me, I had the onset of PE and put me on bedrest. I was 28 weeks. It just went down hill from there.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby kara » Sun Jan 04, 638303 8:40 pm

I had some blurry vision off and on again. My Peri only gets concerned when the vision change includes scotoma,which is like tunnel vision. It can be normal to see floaters and even have some vision changes such as poorer vision during pregnancy (I even have floaters outside of pregnancy). Vision changes DO NOT have to correlate to high blood pressure though, and typically with PE, the vision problems stem from pressure on the optic nerve and is considered a central nervous system problem. Do you have other swelling? Have they checked your reflexes for hyper reflexia or clonus. I would ask them to check those...that should give you a better idea about the vision problems....hopefully.

christine lyn
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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby christine lyn » Sun Jan 04, 638303 8:00 pm

I had floaters in my vision for about a month and had the URQ pain but didn't know what it was. I ended up having my son at 29 weeks due to PE.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby mrs.magdaleno » Thu Dec 11, 638302 7:20 am

I saw spots but didn't know that was a sign of PE. I just attributed it to the sun. It was a hot day. The sad thing is the only symptom I knew about PE at the time was high blood pressure. That NEEEDS to change.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby sonja » Thu Dec 11, 638302 7:10 am

I started seeing the spots the day that I was diagnosed with pre-e and induced. I did have some visual issues during my second pregnancy that were not pre-e related, but I spent a lot of time with my OB and an eye doctor to get to the bottom of them.

Best wishes to you.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby starryeyedbat » Wed Dec 10, 638302 8:55 am

I also ignored the spots I began seeing around 28 weeks. I remember looking it up in my pregnancy book and it had said that changes in sight were normal due to the increased blood flow. No one told me it was a sign of PE, of course, no one told me that my legs swelling to twice their normal size was a sign of PE either. Definitely have it checked out.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby aldamb » Mon Oct 27, 638302 12:32 pm

I saw floaters and sparkles when my BP was high. Because I never spilled protein (this time around), my doctor decided it wasn't significant. But you should report your symptoms to your doctor and let them make the determination.

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