question about seeing a hemotolgist

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Re : question about seeing a hemotolgist

Postby haileysmom » Tue Jan 17, 638299 4:05 am

You will probably have a consult and the dr. will order a panel of blood tests to check for underlying disorders (clotting disorders and possibly others). I had this done prior to pregnancy due to severe PE and HELLP w/ my first. I think the standard test is a coagulation panel. It took a few weeks to get the result and they took about 15-16 vials of blood. I tested positive for Factor V Leiden which can cause severe PE and HELLP and my Hematologist recommended Lovenox injections for my entire pregnancy. I'm now 36 weeks and all is well!!

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question about seeing a hemotolgist

Postby jenseib » Tue Jan 17, 638299 1:20 am

When I had my initial round of pregnancy blood work on March 27th my platelet count was 147,000. Then I had a second round of blood work ordered by my high risk doctor. This was done on May 17th and when I got the results back my platelet count had dropped to 132,000. While he said this number is nothing to be too concerned about, he wants me to see a hemotologist to check for underlying problems. My question is, what can I expect when I visit this doctor?
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