Elevated AFP?

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Re : Elevated AFP?

Postby cheer34 » Mon Mar 27, 638299 6:59 am

What would have been interesting is if I had these tests done with DS. Maybe I had the notching, low pappa, in my first pregnancy, but didn't know it. However, I did have the quad screen which came back normal and I still got PE...so who knows.

I saw my doc yesterday and told her that I felt like a ticking time bomb with all my "markers" and she said "Yes, but all these markers have shown up as PE signs/symptoms, and there is still a good possibility that you will go to term with no problems". No protein in urine and everything looks good. My next appt is at 29 weeks!

Just took BP at home 113/55. At this point with my son, my BP's were around 130/80. Markers-schmarkers, I might just beat PE this time!!

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Re : Elevated AFP?

Postby chloem » Sun Mar 26, 638299 5:38 am

I do believe its just for abnormal AFP's whether high or low. Mine wasn't actually elevated because my risk said downs but my doctor has told me that since there was no fetal abnormalities it was trying to tell us something else.

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Re : Elevated AFP?

Postby blythe » Tue Feb 07, 638299 4:24 pm

The old discussions on AFP are a bit hard to find - I know I found tons a while ago but I can't remember what search terms I used. Sorry! I found a post I compiled a little while ago when I was doing the searches, but I didn't include much:

One of our Experts answered in a newsletter:

http://www.preeclampsia.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5619 "YES - a high AFP is a warning sign for spina bifida - but it is also a warning sign for "adverse pregnancy outcome" including HELLP, preeclampsia, and IUGR. It probably signals that the placenta has been injured."

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1605 ... t=Abstract

says, "There was a relatively low, but often significant, risk of having an adverse pregnancy complication if a patient had a single abnormal marker. However, the risk of having an adverse outcome increased significantly if a patient had 2 or more abnormal markers."

I'm embarrassed to say that I never noticed that people were saying high levels were bad while some were saying low ones were! I wonder if Fiona is right and it's just "abnormal" that is concerning.

Cheer, I'm glad your bp is doing okay so far despite all these dire markers (ack!). I hope you get many more weeks baking that baby!

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Re : Elevated AFP?

Postby fiona » Sat Jan 28, 638299 12:55 pm

The EMMA study in Vancouver is currently looking at this - I was part of the study with Sacha.

I took the triple screen with an additional PAPP-A test (which increases sensitivity without increasing false positives).

My risk for DS was found to be 1:50,000 which immediately put my risk for pe down from 60% to 40%.

I wonder if the correlation is less to do with the AFP being high or low, and more to do with it showing up as abnormal in some way.

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Re : Elevated AFP?

Postby keneke68 » Sat Jan 28, 638299 12:40 pm

My AFP was slightly high as yours and I had to have the level II U/S as well. And Madison was shown to be perfect. And I developed PE and HELLP not but 4 weeks later. And had to deliver Madison and of course it was way too soon.

I was told a month and a half after I lost Madison that my scenerio was an increased risk for developing PE. :( So I was told the same as you.

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Re : Elevated AFP?

Postby cheer34 » Fri Jan 27, 638299 8:00 pm

Please let me clarify.

Apparently, the level of alpha fetal protein can either be HIGH or LOW (or normal)

I believe 2 is the cutoff at my lab. Mine was 2.3.

If your AFP is LOW, then you are at a higher risk for Down Syndrome.

If your AFP is HIGH, then you are at a higher risk for neural tube defects.

So, some of you who have replied mention being at a higher risk for DS with your Quad Screen. That would mean that your AFP was LOW.

I was NOT at risk for DS on my Quad screen since my level of AFP was HIGH, putting me at higher risk for spina bifida.

And the genetic counselor said that studies show that when AFP is HIGH then that is a risk factor for Pre-e. However, looking at some posts here, it seems like quite a few of you had LOW AFP levels and went on to develop Pre-e.

Seems like a crapshoot to me!

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Re : Elevated AFP?

Postby fran » Fri Jan 27, 638299 2:18 pm


I dont post on here very often, but just came across this post - very interesting. In my first pregnancy, we got called back after our AFP test to see if we wanted an amnio as we were in the higher risk category due to the results. We refused the amnio and our son doesnt have DS, but I did go on to develop severe PE at 26+5 resulting in a very prem baby. I refused the AFP with my 2nd pregnancy, as I didnt want to know and it was an unnecessary worry with Ryan as he was fine. I went on to develop severe pe again at 20 weeks, resulting in the stillbirth of my son, Noah, at 24 weeks. It would be interesting to see if an abnormal AFP is an indicator for pe.


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Re : Elevated AFP?

Postby michelle4205 » Tue Jan 17, 638299 12:43 pm

In my first pregancy, I took the nuchal translucency test and it came back very bad. I was told there was a 1-29 chance my daughter had DS. I was afraid of miscarriage so I didnt do the amnio. They didnt mention any link to PE. In the same pregnancy, the AFP test came back normal. I developed PE at 27 weeks and delivered my baby at 31 weeks. I was torchered by not knowing if something was wrong with the baby the entire pregnancy. Im pregnant again- 36 weeks along. I opted not to have ANY of these test done this time and Im thankful for this decision. I too am being monitored very closely so none of it maters anyway. Its interesting that there may be a link to PE.

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Re : Elevated AFP?

Postby canuckmom » Tue Jan 17, 638299 10:18 am

In both my pregnancies, my AFP was elevated. In fact in the second pregnancy it was worse.

Hang in there!

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Re : Elevated AFP?

Postby cheer34 » Tue Jan 17, 638299 10:10 am

The thing is, I can't be monitored any more closely than I already am!! I don't WANT to know , I already have enough risk factors for developing Pre-e again, I don't need MORE!

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