Your story - Slow onset / Fast onset of PE??

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Re : Your story - Slow onset / Fast onset of PE??

Postby kara » Thu Mar 27, 2008 09:16 am

Usually PE exhibits similarly to the preceding pregnancy. So if you had slower onset the first time, it's likely to happen the same way the next time (hopefully later and more mild though).
How are you doing by the way? How's your pressures and labs? Let me know if you need anything.

Oh yeah, and mine was sudden onset of symptoms in had been having problems that were undiagnosed (I didn't have any NST or BPP's, etc). Fortunately the symptoms appeared in me before it was too late. They appeared rather quickly with swelling and 2 days later I was in the hospital.

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Re : Your story - Slow onset / Fast onset of PE??

Postby amypete » Thu Mar 27, 2008 09:12 am

Pregnancy #1 I thought I was having a bad reaction to an antibiotic at 35 weeks. My doctor ran a few tests in his office and sent me straight to the hospital overnight. Luckily I came home on strict bedrest, but only lasted 11 days before I started losing it and they induced at 37 weeks after amnio.

Pregnancy #2 I felt pre-e coming on at 37 weeks. The doctor was going to induce that day, but I asked for one more week because I had a lot to do. She was okay with that. At my 38 week appt. my bp was 160/100, so we induced.

Pregnancy #5 (but lost 3,4) my BP was up by 25 weeks to 146/96. 24 hr came back at 180. I was put on moderate bedrest and the doc said she hoped I could make it to 28 or 30 weeks. I was monitored with bpps 2x weekly, growth scans, the whole bit. Later got put on strict bedrest, but made it to a whopping 39 weeks!

So who knows?? This disease is so variable. I hope to avoid it, if at all possible, in the future, but I've been fortunate to have good outcomes. So many women on this board do not. Good luck to you!


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Re : Your story - Slow onset / Fast onset of PE??

Postby lizalourx » Thu Mar 27, 2008 08:42 am

My onset was slow. At 24 weeks I started swelling, bp's running in the 140's-150's/90's, 300 mg protein in 24 hr, elevated liver enzymes. My bp's slowly rose over the next 11 weeks. My protein decreased down to 200 mg before it rose to 3,300 mg at week 34. My liver enzymes fluctuated the rest of the pregnancy but never got really high. It wasn't until week 32-33 that I really started not feeling well and getting pretty high bp readings (170-180's/100's). So it took about 8 weeks to progress in me. I was on bedrest the entire time and although I know it's benefit is controversial I truly believe it made a difference in me.

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Your story - Slow onset / Fast onset of PE??

Postby staceynw » Thu Mar 27, 2008 08:17 am

Just curious to hear your story of how your PE progressed. Was your onset slow and progressive, or was it bing-bang-boom you were realy sick???

With my daughter I lingered quite while before I got really ill. It started with high blood pressure, slow climb in urine protein & other labs.

Also, if you've had a subsequent PE pregnancy, was your onset the same as your previous, or was it the opposite?


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