PE headache, migraine, and BP question(UPDATE)....

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Re : PE headache, migraine, and BP question(UPDATE)....

Postby rebeccac » Fri Jan 14, 638287 12:35 pm

Please get checked out. With a diagnosis of PE, it is definately something that shouldn't wait. Please don't feel like you are bothering the Drs/nurses. Let us know how you are doing when you are able.

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Re : PE headache, migraine, and BP question(UPDATE)....

Postby arc07 » Fri Jan 14, 638287 12:24 pm

I have a history of migraines and had severe PE at 21 weeks pregnant. I had headaches related to how high my BP rose...when it got high I would have the worst headache ever that would not be relieved with anything. Usually with migraines I could sleep them off and they would go away. I would advise you to get it checked out...your PE may have progressed. Good luck, I hope things are ok.

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Re : PE headache, migraine, and BP question(UPDATE)....

Postby onesock » Fri Jan 14, 638287 10:05 am

Please go in and get checked out...those are concerning symptoms, especially the bp and headache not relieved by tylenol. It is better to go in and have it be nothing, than have it be a warning sign that wasn't checked out. You will be in my prayers...keep us updated, hope everything is OK

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PE headache, migraine, and BP question(UPDATE)....

Postby aln030482 » Fri Jan 14, 638287 9:45 am

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I'm currently 24w3d and was recently diagnosed as having Preeclampsia.

When my BP was normal it would be 1teens/low 70's, taken sitting. Tonight I felt really awful and weak. At this time my BP jumped to 150's/90's, taken sitting.

The weakness lasted about an hour and is gone. I now have a pounding headache in the front of my head above the eyes (like severe sinus pressure) and some pain in the base of my head in back and recently, pain in the sides behind the ears. When I first had the headache, my BP lowered to high 120's/low-mid 80's. I took 2 extra stregnth tylenol at this point.

It has now been 1 1/2 hrs. since I took the tylenol and the headache is still present. My blood pressure now has climbed again to high 130's - low 140's/ mid-to high 80's.

I have a history of migraines with a similar type headache, but they usually start with a warning sign of vision changes (blurriness that lasts about an hour) and then the headache with nausea, etc. I didn't have a warning sign of vision changes with this headache.

Is a PE headache related to BP? Is there a distinct difference between a migraine and PE headache?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I called the doctors office who advised me that after looking at my test results I needed to go over to L&D. How much of an idiot I felt like when they kept me for 2 hrs. and my blood pressure was down. I was told by my OB (one of the group) to take tylenol again and that the previous test results (blood & 24hr. urine) showed everything was fine and I did not have preeclampsia. This baffled me because my urine was +3 (the same that it was in the office several days previously) by the dipstick taken at L&D right before I was told this...

Well, being very dissatisfied, I called my regular family physician who was more then happy to pull the test results for me and redo the testing himself. The test results that were done previously showed that I had a protein count of 1600 and bilirubin in my urine. The new test results showed protein of 1800, bilirubin, ulirubin, & blood in the urine.... a sign, I was told, that in addition to my kidney's not working properly, my liver isn't functioning properly either. Now I'm clueless.

I've been checking my BP at home and it's more times than not, higher than what it should be. I go back to the OB office on 3/4 and have a growth scan on 3/5 so I can't wait to voice my opinion.

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