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This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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Re : New Here with Questions

Postby zoel » Fri Jul 20, 2007 06:45 am

HI Jillian

Just wanted to say welcome to PE forums and wanted to wish you lots of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.


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Re : New Here with Questions

Postby caryn » Thu Jul 19, 2007 06:48 pm

Jillian, that's not *way* off -- Catherine, for ex, would have expected a 1:345 given her age, and scored 1:83. I don't know for certain, but I'd imagine 1:71 when you expected 1:75 is within the margin of error for the test.

Many, many OBs can handle preeclampsia at term just fine, and having a maternal-fetal medicine specialist engaged with your care as well is ideal IMHO -- they can consult, the MFM can step in as necessary.

Welcome again!

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Re : New Here with Questions

Postby jillian » Thu Jul 19, 2007 05:40 pm

Thank you so much for all of your valuable input. I have an appointment with a high risk Ob July 31st and scheduled for a Level II Ultrasound. I do have to say that my current regular Ob is wonderful and has aggressively been treating me. I trust him completely but the high risk ob will give me added piece of mind. Hopefully I will get re-assuring news then. I have another question for you ladies though...

I read alot of posts about the Triple Screen results and the possibility of predicting the occurence of PE. When you say abnormal results on the screen...what are you talking about? What is abnormal?
For example, I just got mine back today and the normal range for Downs Syndrome for my age group is 1 in 75. Mine came back 1 in 71.
At first this did not concern me too much but after hearing about everyone's "way off" results I am beginning to obsess about whether mine is considered "way off".



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Re : New Here with Questions

Postby susan863 » Thu Jul 19, 2007 03:20 pm

Welcome, Jillian!

I'm also relatively new, but I wanted to echo Julie's question about whether or not you are seeing a high-risk O.B. One of my big regrets about my recent pre-eclampsic pregnancy and care is that I did not seek a high-risk O.B., and instead continued working with a group of certified nurse midwives who consulted with a doctor. It was only through the combination of bad exprience and reading info on this web site that I learned that I really needed to have been under a specialist's care all along. Keep us posted about your progress... I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.


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Re : New Here with Questions

Postby mommytoben » Thu Jul 19, 2007 09:30 am

Hi Jillian,

I had problems with my BP (not as high as yours, but in the 140s/90s) at 24 weeks with the last pg. I was diagnosed with chronic hypertension, but my BP is normal when I'm not pg. Something about the pg, makes my chronic hypertension "unmasked". The good news is that the Labatelol stablized my BP for most of my pregnancy. It only started rising at the end.

One of the best things for helping you manage the worry is getting a home BP monitor with a cuff. Anytime I was worried about a headache or didn't feel well, I would take my BP. Most of the time it was fine. Ask your doctor (if you haven't already) if there is a BP reading that you would need to call. I think my number was anything above 150s over 100s.

I was very scared at 24 weeks, and I thought everything was a sign that something was wrong. The monitor helped ALOT. It also gave me a legitimate reason to call the OB office if the numbers were registering high.

Hope that helps. Please take it easy, and know that the women on this forum are such a great source of advice and information.

Take care,

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Re : New Here with Questions

Postby ecfeeney » Thu Jul 19, 2007 05:36 am

Hi Jillian.

Just wanted to say that I posted at 20weeks with protein and high BP. It was not as high as yours 140-150/90-100. I was admitted to hospital for one month. (However they did find something on my brain, so whether this has affected the course of my pregnancy or not they can't really tell until after he is born). I just wanted to say though that I've got to 34weeks. I know it's very difficult to say as each case is different but it does seem to me that hypertension when controlled does buy you time. My Ob has also said that sometimes it peaks 18-22weeks and then settles and returns third trimester....but maybe they were only keeping me happy!!!

Ps I had one PE pregnancy and has been totally freaked throughout this one. But the questionable 'bedrest' has really worked for me. I notice if I put my body under any pressure the bp rises and there'll be protein. Otherwise I'm 'okay'....

Take Care of you...

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Re : New Here with Questions

Postby julie f » Thu Jul 19, 2007 00:32 am

I can't add more to what Fiona has already said but I just wanted to welcome you as well.

Are you seeing a high-risk OB?

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Re : New Here with Questions

Postby fiona » Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:51 pm

Jillian, welcome,

I'm glad to hear all your labwork is normal and that the baby is measuring on target. That BP is very concerning, however. It is true that pe is not diagnosed until 20 weeks, however we do have members who have experienced symptoms before then.

Having chronic hypertension gives you a 25% chance of superimposed pe. Have you done a 24hr urine catch to see what's going on with your kidneys? If not, I'd be asking for one.

It is very scary to experience problems this early on, I know. My advice would be to take your doctor's instruction to take it easy seriously - as much resting on your left side as you can manage. And should your BPs start spiking again, the headache or nausea returns, any upper right sided pain or visual disturbances start, go straight into L&D to be checked out.

Hopefully, the meds will keep the BP levelled off for a good while yet. Take care and keep us posted.

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New Here with Questions

Postby jillian » Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:38 pm

I first want to say that I have learned soooo much from you ladies and I wanted to thank you for educating me about this very scary blood pressure thing (don't really know what to call it at this time).
I do have a few questions and would like your honest here goes

This is my third pregnancy and I am 17.5 weeks along. I also have chronic Hypertension (since I was 15) and take meds for this and is largely controlled. With the first at week 39 bp was getting elevated and doctor told me they were inducing because liver enzymes were "getting screwy". Ended up with C-section no further problems.
With the problems except slightly elevated bp toward the end. I had c-section week 38 no other problems.
With the third...starting at week 16, I have had severely high bps, (190-200/100-120) despite medication. Had severe headaches as well as nausea. Doctor freaked and admitted me to the hospital, ran tons of tests.all came back normal. He upped my meds and added Labetol and pressure came down to 118/90...he says better, but still not good. They plan on watching this weekly and suggested I take it easy..NOW for the questions....
Do you think this is just a fluke..related to the fact I already have hypertension or this is a warning of things to come? My doctor said it is not PE since I am only 17 weeks but now I am scared. What is the possibility of this developing to PE?
So far, the baby is doing ok and measuring a week ahead of schedule, but I am really worried since I am already having problems getting my bp regulated and it is only week 17. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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