Mag is it always given?

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Re : Mag is it always given?

Postby halo79rn » Wed Feb 28, 637973 5:08 am

Hi! Sorry about your experience. Hope this pg goes easier for you.
I was placed on mag when I finally hit active labor and through about 34hr post ... My ob told me they usually put catheters in... the mag draws the fluid out... so you urinate more. It's usually easier on the pt to just have one. But he gave me the option. For me, I felt a strong desire to get up, which I was lucky and they allowed me to do.. nurse and my husband helped me... but I leaked everytime and dumped over a liter of urine each time I went to the bathroom (which was frequent)... but I was so paranoid about developing clots from staying still so much.. I felt like I couldn't move much of the time. In bed I felt glued to the pillow. Plus my 37wk'er didn't have to go to the special care nursery... (we didn't have a NICU)... there were 5 ped nurses in the room at delivery who handled her until she stabalized, she went to the nursery for a time while the pediatrician examined her, but then straight back to us. I woke up to her little bassinet by my bed. Of course, Adam was there.. she couldn't stay alone with me.
Next time I don't know that i'll have the option... I'm in a new town, bigger hospital.. sounds they jump to sections easily (if you ask the moms in Libby's playgroup)??? I'm praying nothing happens, b/c I really don't trust these people like I did the old group... of course, I worked with all of them through being a recovery room nurse... so I was comfortable in their abilities and judgement.

good luck... hope you don't need the mag again.

mother bear
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Re : Mag is it always given?

Postby mother bear » Tue Feb 27, 637973 7:55 pm

I had mag with Michelle. Of course, there were only 5 hours between admission and delivery, and they said they only gave me a half dose. I already felt really crappy, so mag didn't really make me feel any different except hot. Severe PIH, protein at +5 (whatever that means), reflexes at +3, the headache from *, and those little flashy floaters in my vision. I have a hard time remembering anything that was said while I was on the mag, but I do remember feeling soooo much better once it stopped. I too had the catheter. Thank God. Wouldn't have slept much without it, as I came in danger several times of bursting the collection bag after delivery. I even asked to keep it in for a couple more hours to get more sleep. Blood draws every 3 hours, but that was for the falling platelets more than the mag.

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Re : Mag is it always given?

Postby hhbeachgurl » Tue Feb 27, 637973 9:02 am

I got mag with this preg. My bps were pretty okay but they were worried about siezures due to CNS involvement. I had 3 beats of clonus... I was hyperreflexive at +3... I had headaches...and really bad visual disturbances.... so hat is why I was put on Mag.

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Re : Mag is it always given?

Postby deerhart » Fri Feb 16, 637973 6:03 pm

mag with 1st, none with 2nd

THe blood draws are to check your toxicity levels (you can get too much mag). I seriously don't even remember them but I was reallly out of it

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Re : Mag is it always given?

Postby bookworm » Fri Feb 16, 637973 5:05 pm

I had mag with my first - bp's weren't that high until postpartum, but protein was over 3000 mg. The mag started at 3 pm, and they were still letting me get up and use the bathroom until the next morning (was undergoing an ultimately failed induction). In the morning I was getting so loopy and weak from mag that I couldn't walk to the bathroom so they tried the cath - sent in a student nurse who tried about 12 times and couldn't get it in <<shudder>> By 11 am I was prepped for a c-section and they did the cath after the spinal took hold. Had blood draws every 4 hr. I hated the mag SO much but understand that it was necessary.

With my 2nd, my pressures were trending upward and I was spilling about 350 mg protein ... had a c-section at 37.5 wk with no mag. In retrospect maybe I should have had it, since my pressures went wild after delivery and clearly I was not as well as I may have seemed at delivery. But gotta say, I was very relieved to skip the mag experience.

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Re : Mag is it always given?

Postby mnmom » Fri Feb 16, 637973 3:25 pm

After reading everyone's posts, I'm not sure if I am the lucky one or not, but for some reason, I never received mag. With my first son, my bp was high, but not scary high. I had an ob appointment at 37 weeks. My 24 hour results had edged up close to 300 and that combined with the pressures got me a c-section first thing the next morning. With my second son, my pressures were off the chart at my peri appointment and that got me a quick ride to the nearest hospital where they started to do another 24 hour, but by that time the headache had set in and my reflexes weren't to their liking, so I had a c-section that night. mag. Things were moving so fast I really didn't think about it. In the OR right after they gave me the spinal, my blood pressure dropped to the point they were giving me meds through my iv trying to bring it up!

While I am happy I didn't have to experience the side effects, knowing what I know now, I am just thankful that nothing tragic happened without it.

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Re : Mag is it always given?

Postby missgamecock » Fri Feb 16, 637973 2:17 pm

My first baby, I got mag. I didn't know that 7-8 was the cutoff. I too had constant blood draws while on mag. I think it was every hour or two. I eventually had so much blood drawn out of my arms, plus having two ivs in that the veins collapsed in my arms. So then they started taking blood from hands, ankles, and feet. A dr had to come and draw those. The lab techs were not allowed. He wasn't very nice about it. My mag levels were written into the labs. They didn't have computers in Belgium that did that, so your blood tests were literally handwritten on a sheet of paper. The left side has typed tests, and then the right has date and level. But mag was written in at the bottom with levels, and my levels had several underlines under it and it at its highest was 8.8. I do remember having trouble breathing but thought it was my asthma. Because it was all handwritten on my lab sheet, it didn't have the typed range next to it. It did drop after that 8.8 reading. Learn something new every day.

I wasn't allowed out of bed. But I didn't have a cath the entire time either. They cathed me as needed. The bathroom was within 3 feet of the bed in the hospital room. They also had a bed pan and a beside commode too. I did embarassingly use the bedside pan and that was when I lost the mucous plus. But I had to set it on the bedside commode. For some reason they were still collecting my pee. I wasn't peeing out very much and retaining a lot of fluids. I had severe pe though so there was no question that I needed mag. I stayed on it for 3 days.

With my second I had severe pih. At one appt I begged my dr to not put me on mag again. He said he would try not to. However, if I had even a trace of protein in my urine on the dipstick the day I was admitted, then I was getting it. Because as nasty as it was, it was the only drug that could save my life. The day that Sara was born, he kept his word. First up was a urine test. No protein. So he didn't use mag. However, I will say now that I was more worried about stroking out or seizing than I would have been on mag. Cause at least you know that you most likely will not have a seizure. The worry over that I think was worse than being on it. I had AWFUL side effects to it. I also had awful awful headaches after delivery that literally had me in tears. So being off mag this time really had me more worried kwim.

Anyway, it depends on the dr. Probably if I had not have mentioned my awful fear of being on mag, I bet my dr would have magged me that day because it's easy to protect that way.

Anyway that is just my experience. Good luck.

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Re : Mag is it always given?

Postby blythe » Fri Feb 16, 637973 2:13 pm

I could have written your post - though you wrote it much more gracefully than I have when I've shared my experience [:)]. Avoiding mag again is an obsession for me. I don't have much time to post tonight, but you can search through my posts (click on my username and go next to "total posts" and click on "Find all non-archived posts by Blythe") and see what I've researched... I absolutely agree that it is life-saving and it is more criminal that third-world countries don't use it because they can't afford $5 to save a woman's life... but I am selfish and not only want to be healthy, I also want that first 24 hours with my baby if it can be safe to avoid mag. Feel free to email me, too - I've just posted so often on this issue lately I feel like I should relax a bit [:D].

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Re : Mag is it always given?

Postby jenhaus » Fri Feb 16, 637973 12:36 pm

Hi there, as a labor and delivery nurse I can give you the clinical information but as a pregnant mom with chronic HTN/PE I can certainly understand your frustration. Mag is one of those drugs we give that just really isn't nice. For most women you feel downright crappy! We give mag on labor and delivery, not necessarily for blood pressure , but for seizure prevention. I have had pts with perfectly normal blood pressures go into grand mal seizures. The cath we put in to monitor the urine output because your kidney function can go kaput very quickly. Each OB has different opinions on the frequency of the blood draws for the mag levels. Normally you draw a couple of hours after the initial bolus and then it varies per doctor. Some every 4-6 hours and some if the pt begins to show signs of magnesium toxicity. There are other indicators they use besides your pressures to determine the need for mag such as lab results for your liver function as well as cbc, clotting factors ect. I hope everything works out for you and it all goes well.


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Re : Mag is it always given?

Postby jennobili » Fri Feb 16, 637973 10:14 am

I was put on mag right away when I went into the hospital at 24 weeks, 4 days with high BP and HELLP. The dr. had to do a c-section at 24 weeks 6 days, and I was kept on the mag until 24 hrs after the c-section. I also had a catheter the whole time. I was really hot and my head felt funny when I was on it, but it started to clear after they took me off the mag. As far as the catheter goes, I am glad I had it. Even though my mag was removed at 9:30pm, they kept the catheter in over night, so I could get a good night's sleep. They removed the catheter at 6am, and by 6:30am I was already having to run (with help) to use the toilet.

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