How much labetalol do you take?

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enrique buscaglia
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Re : How much labetalol do you take?

Postby enrique buscaglia » Wed Jul 27, 637966 7:15 pm

Hi Rachel,
Started with 200 mg 1x a day then went to 200 mg 2x's a day and now take 400 mg 1 x a day and 200 mg 1x a day. M.D. also said that while this may seem like a lot to me there is a lot of room to keep increasing meds if need be.

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Re : How much labetalol do you take?

Postby mom2tori » Sat Jul 16, 637966 10:10 am

Rachel, this was something that worried me during my last pregnancy. I was given labetelol at some point in all of my pregnancies but this last one was the one that is was given the earliest and the highest dosage. In the end I was up to 1200mg a day. When my bp started to rise they would increase the dose. My doc said that as long as it was keeping my bp in check it was fine. If this is something that concerns you I suggest asking your doc what their plan is for the labetelol. If it needs to be increased, when and how high of a dose will they go. Good communication is very important with your doc. Good luck!

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Re : How much labetalol do you take?

Postby amydawn96 » Fri Jul 15, 637966 8:25 pm

Hi, I'm new here. My name is Amy. I have one daughter who will be two in March. I did not have any blood pressure problems until about 6 months ago. I found a doctor and was put on Atenolol. When I told my doctor I wanted to try getting pregnant, he switched me Labetalol. Today is my first day on it. I'm taking 100 mg, twice a day. My scalp has been tingling all day. Very strange! Anyway, I'm hoping to have another happy, healthy pregnancy in the future. I had 0 problems with my first child...and now I'm concerned about the blood pressure issue. Nice to meet you ladies!

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Re : How much labetalol do you take?

Postby lany » Fri Jul 15, 637966 2:42 pm

I took labetalol during my 2nd pregnancy. I'm chronic htn, so my doctor told me that she would feel comfortable going up to 1200mg per day if needed. I started the pregnancy with 100mg twice a day. I ended up taking terbutaline for preterm labor. That caused a spike in my heart rate. I had a small increase with my bp at the end of the pregnancy, but it was all managed by adjusting the labetalol. With that being said, I only went up to 200mg three times per day. I hope this answers your questions.

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Re : How much labetalol do you take?

Postby chubbiesmom » Fri Jul 15, 637966 9:15 am


If I remember correctly from the beginning of my pregnancy, the doctor originally had me on labetalol and said they could adjust it up to 3200 mg daily, so they had quite a window when they started me off on 200 mg twice a day. I had to stop taking it and change to Procardia due to the weird heart fluttering feeling I was getting from it.


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How much labetalol do you take?

Postby rachelc » Fri Jul 15, 637966 9:02 am

I'm just curious how much you take. How much can you take while pregnant? I just started on 200 mg twice a day.

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