Question of the day: what made you deliver?

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby jennm » Fri Apr 07, 637358 10:33 am

I was completely overlooked starting with my 3rd baby. I had high bp in the last month with him which I didn't know about until an endocrinologist I went to see pointed it out to me after the CLOSE call I had with my 4th. I don't know what "high" actually was though. He acted as if it was no big deal at the time. So with my 4th I had mysterious high bp at about 21 wks and a migraine around the same time. Nobody thought anything of it so neither did I. Then at 25 1/2 wks I had sudden immobilizing pain in my neck and shoulder, I vomited, I had a massive chest pain(that only happened once and very briefly), swelling, and then came the huge gastric pain which was followed by the huge pain on my right side(I didn't know that was my liver swelling). All the while these symptoms kept piling on top of each other, I was in my doctors office twice and I called the office 4 times asking what I could do for the pain. Nobody asked until I started bleeding if I could feel the baby move. I hardly felt her move but maybe once a day. I thought it was because I took Tylenol pm twice a night just to get through the night. I was in this unbearalbe pain for 17 days until I finally went to the hospital because I had started bleeding. I had placental abruption because my bp was 250/150. The placenta almost completely detached. My body already started to go into labor. My platelets were in the 20s. And then I heard the dr say "I lost the heart beat but that doesn't mean she's gone yet". Of course I had an emergency c-section to save us both. She was out in 20 sec flat! I was at the hospital around 3:30am and had her at 5:50am. Emma Kay was born at 29 wks 2.8lbs. I feel there were too many signals that were overlooked for both pregnancies. I believe it was best for Emma to stay in as long as she could but if I were carefully monitored I feel I wouldn't have been left with permanent kidney damaged. It took me at least 6 months of still being sick, more and more meds, and a few specialists to figure that out. It goes to show you how much my doctors knew and myself for that matter, it was my 4th baby! My survey question would be if these complications are so dangerous then why aren't the doctors looking for it just like the test we all take for gestational diabetes?[?]

miranda childers
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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby miranda childers » Sun Mar 02, 637355 12:10 am

At 33 weeks the doctors discovered protein at a +2 level in my urine. I did a 24-hour urine test and with those results he decided to put me on bed rest at home. I didn't have any other symptoms so he and a specialist he consulted were both comfortable with me being at home (this was 12/17/04)

12/19/04 My vision suddenly went blurry. Within 15 minutes we were @ the ER and my blood pressure was I believe 180/1??. The on-call doctor got there, did an ultra sound, and rushed me in for an emergency c-section.

I believe he saw Garrett's extremely low heart-rate which we now know was caused from the placenta detaching 80%.

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby jen44 » Thu Nov 07, 637354 12:00 am

I had been in the hospital starting from 32 weeks, hospitalized when the anti-hypertensive medication was no longer controlling my BP.

Four weeks into my hospital stay (exactly at 36 weeks) I was now on over 25 pills of blood pressure medication a day (!!!!) and they were making me so sick I could barely breathe, this one pill he started giving me at 10:00 PM one night, by 11:00 PM I was choking for breath and I told him this but he didn't believe that it was from the medication. Same thing happened the next night. When he came in the next morning after that I told him I was at the end of my rope and I basically refused to take that pill again, being up for two nights not being able to breathe, it was awful. I also had a urinary tract infection, a yeast infection and a wisdom tooth that growing into my jaw driving me mad. I was basically a mess.

So the doctor looked at my chart that morning and despite all this medication, my blood pressure was still 190/105 -- so I was in for an emergency c-section within the hour.

I feel like I was given really close monitored care but I was worried about all the medication and how it would affect the baby. My DS was born healthy and a good size, so I would say that we are lucky to have the doctor we did and that he made a good judgement in weighing the risks to the baby vs. the risks to me and both of us came out of it healthy.

However I'd say that four weeks in the hospital was probably the worst time of my life and left me with PTSD and post-partum anxiety. I can't ever imagine going through it again.

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby mom2kaylee » Wed Nov 06, 637354 8:00 pm

Hi. I was induced at 24 weeks.
My dd weighed 1 pound and 9 oz. She will turn 6 in Oct and no problems at all.

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby missgamecock » Wed Nov 06, 637354 4:50 am

With Kirsten, I was having problems with pe from about 22 weeks on. The military drs were like you'll never get full term and were having a cow over the Belgian OB's decisions. The Belgian OB saw me every 4 weeks till the day she admitted me to the hospital at 35 1/2 weeks. However, the military drs were seeing me every week and would send me for NST at the Belgian hospital. At 35 1/2 weeks, I went to the Belgian OB and she took my bp. It was 160/110. I had protein in the urine and she told me that she was admitting me. Silly me believed her when she told me it was for observation. She also told me she would be there when I came back with my bag and that I would be out on Monday (this was a Wednesday). I get to the hospital and my Belgian OB was no where to be found. She had gone on vacation. Yep admitted me and then dumped me. I didn't like her but she was all I had. The next day the base liasion called and said you are not there for observation, you are there till you have your baby and they are inducing mext week. The next day (Friday), the base liasion called again. Your labs are very bad, enzymes are high, platelet low, protein high, bp is high. They are inducing on Monday. At 2 pm, a dr who could speak english came in and said we are terminating this pregnancy tomorrow. Holy Crap! How did I go from observation and out on Monday to having the baby 3 days later. Well, I got very sick that night and had tubes and ivs everywhere. My dh came in the next morning and was like what happened and why wasn't I called. The Belgian obs fought about emergency c section or induction and decided on induction because of hemmorraging and stroke possibilities. I had Kirsten 7 hours later via emergency induction.

With Sara, I had been sick the entire pregnancy. I was either puking for 5 months or had bp problems very early on. My bp just kept going up and up and up. The last week was the worst. I knew that they were going to induce between 35-37 weeks. I had severe debillitating headaches that left me in tears the entire week. My ob just increased my meds. He saw me on Thursday, BP was 160/118. He sent me home on strict bedrest. DH called ob on Friday because I was in tears from headaches and upper stomach pain. OB increased meds. Was in pain and misery the entire weekend. Called on that Monday and said that I was still sick and the headache would not go away. He said to have me go to the hospital and have a NST and he would see me when he got out of surgery. He came to see me. Baby was good but bp was 149/109. Still pretty high. He said you see the peri tomorrow and have an appt with me on Thursday. Go home and stay on STRICT bedrest. I went home and cried because I was so miserable. Decided after visiting here many times to lay it on the line for the peri. As soon as I walked in the door to the peri's office, she took one look at me and said you need to be delivered today. Let's see if we can find a reason to call the OB with. She asked me what was going on and how long and she just said this is to dangerous a situation and I'll call your ob after we are done. However, the final call was with my ob. She did a NST. My bp was really high still and she asked me how my bps were. I told her and she said that was stroke level. Apparently, the baby had been having decels on the NST when I was having contractions. (My ob mentioned this when he came to see me and I havn't asked him about it, but plan to when I see him next time). So she called him and wouldn't let me leave till she talked with him. She also made me stop drinking my water because she thought I might need an emergency csection. He called back after lunch (his office closes at lunch) and said admit and pit. I went straight to the hospital in my town about a 45 minute drive back. Admissions had everything ready for me to sign. A nurse from L&D came down and escorted me to the L&D floor. I got settled in my room after getting undressed. My ob came in from his office across the street to get me checked in and then started pit (no pill or gel here) and 8 hours Sara was born. Guess I was favorable for induction and those contractions were real because I was already 50% effaced when he checked me in. I asked why I didn't get a pill or gel of the nurse and she said thy jack up the pit for babies that have to be born right then. If it hadn't of worked, I would have gone for an emergency c section that night. Sara was born very healthy. However during labor, she did have heart decelerations and they made me wear an oxygen mask and roll over onto my side. I'm still trying to get my hospital records so that I can go through everything for my benefit.

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby amandadoula » Fri May 05, 637352 3:40 am

Question: Were you induced, sectioned, or go into labor spontaneously? At what GA were you induced or sectioned? What indicators did your doctor use to decide to deliver? Do you think they should have waited longer? Do you think they waited too long? Or was it just right?

I was induced....

I was 38 weeks 5 days...

It was chosen to induce, as I had a +3 protine and my bp was "stable" at about 130-140/90-100 Depending on the situation, and my position. I was also 3-4 cm dilated, 75% effaced, and my cervix was anterior. Also, at the time I was admitted, I had begun to labor on my own, and was contracting regularly every 6 minutes. The Pitocen and mag.sulfate was started at about 12:30-1:00pm and my son was born at 9:53 pm!

I had begun to have both protine in my urine and higher bp about 5 days before the induction, so it was well timed. My 24 hr urine collection print out had been misread on the Saturday I'd turned it in (and was laying inL&D for a NST) so I was called on Monday morning, and he was born that night. So, had the print out been read properly the first time he'd have been born on the 22nd, not the 24th! (They read my protine to be 180...not 1800 which it was. The decision to induce or in my case actually augment, was right for me, as if the cervix is favorable pre-e mom's *usually* go quick. Thankfully we had that in our favor! (4 days before I was only 1 cm and less than 50%, so we got lucky)

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby kathryn bates » Sun Jan 02, 637346 2:00 am

I was diagnosed with PID at 22 weeks and put on bed rest. I was put into the hospital with a proteinn level of +2. I stayed in the hospital with raising protein levels untill I developed HELLP and had a protein of +5. I was induced and put on MAG. I delivered a tiny baby girl about 48 hours later.

Kathryn Bates
Mother of Marina 2lbs8oz
Severe PE/HELLP 28 weeks

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby dohertyab » Fri Feb 12, 637345 1:49 pm

Hello. I have recently given birth to girl #3 and although it was induced at 36 weeks it wasn't due to pre-e. My dr was watching me closely and I was showing some signs of placenta degradation, so I was having ultrasounds every couple of days and between Sat and Tues my amniotic fluid level dropped to almost 0 without my water breaking so away I went to pitocin. 6 hours later, girl #3, 6lb 2oz and no NICU time! All is good

Tara and Rowan (May 2001, 29 weekers - HELLP)
Maeve (March 2005)

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby alexp » Thu Feb 11, 637345 4:52 am

(A warning: I meant to keep this short but its turned into a book - read at your own risk, [;)])

I was hospitalized with severe pre-e and HELLP at about 27 weeks, five days. The peri I saw at the hospital said I might deliver in the next 12 hours, or it might be longer, he just didn't know. They wanted to give steroids for the babies' lungs, and the steroids might help me do better as well. So they tried that - it was dexamethasone - and mag, because they worried I was becoming eclamptic. 12 hours later I was still there and pregnant. 24 hours later, my labs were improving! By the time they finished the steroids (2 days later) I wasn't "normal" but was stable (my platelets had been in the 90s when I was admitted, and climbed to 130's and stayed there - liver enzymes were a similar story). Babies were doing great. And so they did labs every 12 hours, and kept me on a monitor, and waited for the other shoe to drop.

My labs never did get bad again. For a few weeks there, preeclampsia seemed (in my non-medical opinion) to be very controlled by bedrest (although everytime I'd get my reflexes checked the person doing it would turn sorta pale). I even "unswelled" - lost 30-something pounds! Babies did good.

Then the last ten days before they were born, twin B (lily) stopped growing and started failing NSTs. I started to swell up again, and my bps - which had been labile - started being high all the time, even when I had been on my left side for hours. My doctor told me if any one thing got any worse...the babies were coming out. I was so scared...everyone was scared, I think! I didn't want the babies to be delivered and face preemie problems, but didn't want any of us to be harmed by pre-e either. Of course, I trusted the doctors and medical staff but I was afraid something bad would happen and it wouldn't get caught in time.

That last day or so, I couldn't sleep, could barely eat...everything was so scary and seemed so wrong. About 4:00 am on Monday morning, a nun (Catholic hospital) came in to do vital signs. I had not seen her before and never saw her again. She was tall and skinny and looked like she was about 12 years old. She took my bp and it was bad and I was upset...she asked me if I wanted to pray, and she prayed with me, that I wouldn't have to worry any more and that the babies would be in God's hands no matter what. Well, those weren't exact words but you get the idea. (by way of background, I was raised agnostic so this doesn't come naturally to me, although I wish it would).

I felt so much calmer. I was exactly 32 weeks that day. Went to sleep and slept till late afternoon - and around 4:00 pm, rolled over on my side and my water broke - massively. Had a c-section shortly thereafter. The next month in the NICU was hard, but the babies eventually turned out fine. I will always believe that the PROM was an answered prayer.

Alex, mama to:
Parker - born 4/15/2001
Vivian & Lily - born 7/14/2003 at 32 weeks

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby cara » Sat Jan 27, 637342 9:31 pm

I went into labor on my own. I had really high BP on the Thurs and Fri before Grant was born, was admitted to the hospital, no one ever gave me an exam, just an NST, and was sent home. I started spotting on Friday night so I called the hosp and the DR on call said to take a Tylenol PM with 2 full glasses of water and go to bed. If I had the pain the next morning, to come on in. I had also told my OB that I was leaking and she told me I was probably peeing on myself. I know what pee pee smells like and that was not it, but I digress....Anyway, on Saturday I was up and down on the couch, lower back pain, diarrhea, not hungry, I couldn't get comfortable and it felt like the baby was trying to get the heck out of Dodge. At around 8 pm, I finally convinced my husband to take me to the hospital where I found out that the contractions still weren't registering on the NST, but I was completely effaced and 4 cm dilated. The look on dh's face was priceless. The pain I was in was immeasurable. I had a temp of 100, due to an infection b/c my water was leaking and she did not listen to me and I got an infection. That plus the HBP was enough for the poor guy and he started bailing on me. I had to be stopped from having him for the steroid shot to work and then I was on an O2 mask b/c his heart rate kept dropping on me. Finally, they took me off the drip and broke my water and I had him an hour later. It was very fast once he broke my water. I had Grant in an OR inc ase my BP went up more, they would do an emergency C-section but it was ok and I had him vaginally. The NICU took him right away, though. He already had sepsis from the infection. I didn't see him until 12 hours later. I had a horrible recovery and wasn't allowed to leave the bed until late that night. It was really hard hearing all the visitors tell me how beautiful he was and who he looked like. My first glimpse of my son was from a digital photograph. Needless to say, I have changed OBs. Thank goodness my peri was on duty that weekend. He was fantastic. Hopefully the next OB (I chose the Dr that delivered Grant) will be better!!

Cara L. Stevens
Mother of Grant, born 3/28/04 at 33 weeks
Diagnosed with PIH very early, then with Pre-e

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