Question of the day: what made you deliver?

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby meghan » Sun Mar 23, 637653 7:43 pm

BPs up to 170s/110s, 3000 mg protein/24 hours, LFTs lousy. We were planning to wait another week to get a second amnio for lung maturity and attempt another external version, but then my platelets dropped to the 80s and I was sectioned two hours later.

He weighed 3900 grams @ 36+ weeks! Oof!

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby kara » Thu Mar 13, 637653 4:31 am

At 31 weeks swelling, rapid weight gain (21+lbs), high BP 180/120, high 24 hour urine at 30 weeks, and epigastric pain (which actually turned out to be heartburn, but was the reason I called the MW) is what put me in the hospital, on the mag, with my own nurse sitting in my room until well after the first bolus. BP went down, but US revealed that DD had IUGR about 28 weeks, and therefore I needed to be delivered pronto.

I was given 2 shots of steroids, 24 hours apart, and was induced with a cervical ripener immediately after the 2nd steroid shot, around 2am on Friday. Friday by 4pm I had cramping, 6pm I was in pain, 8pm I was in tears and doing a pretty good job of trying to squeeze the varnish out of the wood hand rails that were padded with blankets in case I had a seizure. Nurse couldn't see any contractions on the monitors and tells me in 12 hours I will get an epidural and some pitocin. WHAT??? DH finds nurse to get me some pain medication and she has the resident come check my progress. Hmmm, I was already 6cm at much for those monitors. Since the monitors weren't working for me, they decide to put a monitor on DD scalp. At 8:19 I tell resident who is just finishing the scalp monitor that I've never done this before, but I'm pretty sure I need to push. She looks at me like I'm crazy and checks me again. Sure enough I'm complete!!! the nurse screams at me...Don't push, breathe, don't push whatever you do!! They wake up the OB, the neonatologist, and their respective teams. 8 people fly into the room, with tons of equipment...followed by silence until I yell, "what do I do now?".'s ok to push..and at 8:21 DD Avery was born..very silent, but pink! 6cm to delivery in 5 minutes.

So, I delivered naturally with only a cervical ripener. My Labor lasted 4 hours and 21 minutes with only 2 hours of pain and no pain medications.

I really think that I should have been monitored more closely and probably put on bedrest of some sort after my 24 hour since my BP was still creeping. And I should have been given more information prior to the hospitilization on what the realities of pre-e were. I should have been educated on premature birth for 30+ weekers. I also should have been told how serious this condition is...rather than the "we don't want to scare you approach". Saying that...I still love my MW's they took excellent care of me after the diagnosis and promptly turned me over to the ob's and did consult with them after the high 24 hour. They followed up with me everyday during my 6 day stay and even checked in on DD in the nicu up until she was released. If there is a next time I will see the MW's, but be followed by the ob or peri too.



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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby mikeys mom » Wed Mar 12, 637653 6:04 am

I was swelling for several weeks prior to my diagnosis. Then it was the Friday before Christmas (dec 20) I went out to lunch with an attorney at this spicy restaurant I remember not feeling great before then but then for some reason I thought the food made me really ill. Nauesous. Saturday my girlfriend from Arizona was in town with her baby so I went over there and spent the day. I could hardly bring myself to drive home but I did. The next day I really wanted to see her again so I pushed aside my nausea and went. By Monday it was horrible. I went to the doctor, remember I knew nothing of pre-e. My weight gain was about 15 pounds from two weeks prior, my bp was 128 over 70 or something good like that, there was stuff in my urine. The midwife gave me an antibiotic and told me to keep my appt a week later. NOTHING else. Well Tuesday I went to stay at my parents since my husband had to fly. I was sick as a dog. I spent lots of times in cool baths and in the bathroom itself. By Wednesday morning I started feeling better so I told my mom she could bring me home so I could go back to work on Thursday (wed was Christmas). I went to the bathroom and when I went to wash my hands my eye had blood in it. I screamed my dad is an EMT/Fire fighter he very quickly took my bp and started to panic. We called the doctors office, the doctor I loved was on call. She told me to lay on my left side for 15 minutes. I did my bp went higher she told us to come right in. I went to the hospital (didn't even know where to go since this was my first time there) at 29 weeks and 2 days. She met me there and told me that I had very high bp and that I would probably have to stay the night. My husband had just landed by the time they got blood out of me, oh was that a chore, I think I had every anesthesiologist in the building working on me. The doctor was waiting for my husband to walk in and she followed him in saying that I had an or booked for 2:30am because my platelets had gotten dangerously low. I don't remember feeling all that bad. I remember the mag but seriously the worst part was the feeling that you had to go potty and the darn catheter getting in the way. Well the doc got a perinatologist involved that night and we were able to start and complete the three series stereroid shots by the next morning and they held off on my c-section. (The perinatologist became my permanent doc when i got pregnant with phillip). Anyway then on Thursday my other eye ruptured (not as badly though) Saturday I got really ill again and they thought I would end up delivering but my platelets stayed solid. They told me to skip Sunday blood because they did the counts at 3:00am. Well this lady came into my room on Sunday at 11am and we sent her away telling her that I didn't need blood test. She didn't understand english and I had a lot of guests in my room that we were talking. She cam back at 1:30 and I told my mom to just let her take it and go since she didn't understand us. Thank goodness this woman was so persistant even though she shouldn't have taken my blood. Anyway so at 6:00pm my parents wanted to go home and check on the dogs but My mom was wondering why they never told us the results of the blood tests so she went out to the nurse and the nurse said that I wasn't supposed to have had blood tests but then she checked and she told my mom to go sit down in the room and the doc would be up. We knew it wasn't good. The doc came up in about 3 minutes and 30 minutes later I was down in delivery getting prepped for a c-section. Mikey arrived a few minutes after that and was crying. Anyway I know this is long but I think this is the first time I actually wrote the entire scenario out.... Phillip's birth was SOOOOOOO different... I wish everyone the same success as I had with Phillip especially since we have all been through so much already. (If you made it this far I applaud you :) )

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby rosemary » Sun Mar 02, 637653 10:29 am

I was diagnosed with PE/HELLP at 4:00 pm on 8/28/04 after being in the ER for 3 hours. I had the attending OB/GYN literally hold my face and tell me that I was in a life and death situation. She explained that my kidneys and liver had shutdown, my brain was swelling and that my blood platlets were dangerously low. She then told me that my only chance of survival was to deliver my child in the next few hours. I was then immediately lifeflighted to a woman's hospital in Pittsburgh. At 7:00 am the following morning, I had delivered my son and lost him. I spent the following 6 days in the hospital recovering. No choices involved for me...just repercussions of two horrible diseases.

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby hoya » Fri Feb 28, 637653 7:15 pm

My BPs were high, but not super high (~150's over 90's) at delivery, and protein was 2+. Neither was so bad that they required immediate delivery, but...

The real reason DD was delivered so early was because of the severe IUGR we were experiencing. IUGR set in between weeks 19-22 (by week 22 she was more than 2 weeks behind in growth, though had been right on target at 13 and 17 weeks). Around week 24, her growth resumed, though at a less than ideal rate. At week 28 I was admitted to the hospital for daily u/s to check the doppler scans for blood flow (we had an absent diastolic for a couple of weeks in the umbilical cord, and the doctors were concerned that we might end up with a reverse flow, in which case they would deliver immediately). At 34 weeks, the growth scan showed growth slowing down dramatically again, so the doctors felt that it was time to deliver because (a) they figured she was in decent shape developmentally by that point and (b) clearly she would grow much better outside of the womb.

I was induced, but 40 hours after the induction began we still had not made much progress, so I opted to go for a c-section.

I think they delivered at exactly the right time. Even though we were almost at 35 weeks by the time she was born, she was still only 2 1/2 pounds. She clearly was not growing properly in the womb. But she really did have good functionality/development. She didn't even need any oxygen or C-PAP, not even at the very beginning.

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby thw75 » Wed Feb 03, 637368 7:50 am

I was hospitalized at 26 weeks with preeclampsia - very high BP, swelling and protein. I had 2 steroid shots and within 30 hours of being hospitalized I had a near complete abruption, Kailey was delivered via emergency Csection. She had an apgar of 2 at birth, was airlifted to the only level 3 nursery in the state, stayed in NICU for 10 weeks, and is a fine almost 3 year old today.

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby umteach » Sun Jan 24, 637368 9:40 am

I had a fairly easy pregnancy other than trying to keep up with my 2 year old daughter, but when I went for my checkup just before 30 weeks, my blood pressure and protein levels were very high. I had had some upper back pain and headaches, but nothing out of the normal. I was airlifted to Univ. of Arkansas Med Center in Little Rock from Texarkana in case they needed to deliver. I was stabilized and told I would stay at UAMS on moderate bedrest without any monitors. Two days later, my husband drove 3 hours home to check on the house, and get clothes that matched. We had several friends nearby who were calling and visiting and I felt fine until late afternoon when I because nauseous with head and back pain. The doctor checked and saw that the condition had returned and started meds again. Soon I had pain in my right side, so a c-section was scheduled while my husband raced back to the hospital. The doctor felt that we could wait until hubby arrived, but then a more urgent case was flown in so it was over 12 hours before the c-section was performed. It was a very rough night with a lot of pain and very little sleep. Kirsten was born at 2 lbs 7 oz but made great progress and went home with us one day short of her six week birthday.

Now everything seems to be OK. Kirsten will be 3 next month and is completely fine. I get worried that damage was done to me during the 12 hour wait, but any OB/Gyn that I talk to says that I should be fine and glad to be alive. My memory is not what it used to be, but I also have two young daughters and a very busy life. My husband wants me to talk to my family doctor for another opinion. If anyone has any helpful information, please let me know.

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby hmoore » Thu Feb 26, 637361 5:50 am

My doctors did not know that I had PE. I went into the hospital because of vomiting I thought that I had food posining. When I went in the Nurse could not find my son (Conner's) Heart beat. They sent ud home that night because there was nothing that they could do for me it was to late and they would induce me the next day. I did not make it to the next day I was back in the hospital that night because I started bleeded really bad. They gave me a c-section and told me after words it was placental abruption from the PE. The sad part about this is I had the signs for PE and they were ignored! My son would have been alive today if I would have delivered one week sooner or even one day. I was 35 weeks and he was perfect he weighted 4lbs and 12oz. I wish we could have caught this sonner!!!!

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby paige_va » Tue Feb 24, 637361 12:34 am

Question: Were you induced, sectioned, or go into labor spontaneously? At what GA were you induced or sectioned? What indicators did your doctor use to decide to deliver? Do you think they should have waited longer? Do you think they waited too long? Or was it just right?

I was given c-sectioned at 34w2d due to a non-reactive NST. Meredith had been diagnosed as IUGR 4 days before, and, as a result, I was placed on hospital bedrest. My OB and peri went back and forth for three days on the decision to do the c-section. (They both agreed that Meredith was too weak to attempt labor.) Finally, the peri said that today was the day, and I was prepped and down in triage 15 minutes. First incision was at 11:04 am, and Meredith was born at 11:10 am. I think that the peri made the right call. I had two shots of betamethasone, and Meredith started breathing on room air after they got her going. Good outcome for both mommy and baby.

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Re : Question of the day: what made you deliver?

Postby haunaniv » Thu May 25, 637358 11:53 am

Hi Everyone --

Baby #3: Induction at 36 weeks. Up until then it had been a pretty uneventful pregnancy. At my 35 week appointment bp was 112/70. On the morning of my 36 weeks I woke up feeling "yucky" -- dizzy, lots of nausea, swollen... I called the doctor and told the nurse I felt really swollen and that something was just not right. They had me come to the office, bp was at 162/106. A recheck showed 158/104. My records show that no urine test was done. They sent me straight to the hospital and induced labor. It was a terrible labor and delivery, but baby was healthy and lungs were fully developed. At the time I had no idea what was going on. Preeclampsia and PIH had never been mentioned. I didn't even know what questions to ask. After that experience I did all I could to educate myself about these conditions so as to be prepared should I have another baby.

Baby #4: Induced at 38 weeks. Throughout the pregnancy bp was within the normal/high range and we were very cautious to monitor things closely. At 34 weeks I ran into problems with premature labor and put on meds and bedrest. At 36 weeks bp started to become very unstable (big jumps between readings). At my 38 week appointment bp was even more unstable -- 112/72 one minute, 160/100 the next, but no protein showing. By that time I was also a nervous wreck. So the doctor said, "We're at 38 weeks, given your previous history let's just get this done and over with before we really run into problems." 35 hours later we had a healthy baby.

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