Measuring BP

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Re : Measuring BP

Postby akemt » Wed Oct 11, 2006 07:37 pm

I am not a doctor and really am not sure how to accurately answer most of your questions, but I'll try to respond with some helpful been-there information. I also have a question or four for you:
What readings are you getting?
How high are they going?
How far along are you?
What was your pre-pregnancy BP baseline?

Bp's naturally fluctuate some throughout the day, but what is actually a "normal" amount of fluctuation, I'm not sure. I do know that 140/90 is considered hypertensive and suggests a call to your doctor to keep him informed, regardless of whether it goes back down later on. Also, when your BP jumps roughly 30/15 points is usually when it starts to cause some concern, even if still below the 140/90 threashold. A jump like that is no longer considered diagnostic, but can be a sign to watch closely for further rise.

Best wishes --I hope the above helped some,

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Re : Measuring BP

Postby khailibowen » Wed Oct 11, 2006 06:17 pm

My doc said not to measure over my clothes, she said it can interfere with the readings on an automatic machine. However, from time to time the nurses do readings over my clothes so I guess it's not as big of a deal on a manual one *shrug*

My bp pattern is: lower in the mornings, soaring in the late morning-afternoons, and then lowering again in the evenings. It's probably because I'm most active during the day, resting in the evenings, and of course asleep throughout the night so less active in the mornings.

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Measuring BP

Postby rekharam » Wed Oct 11, 2006 04:58 pm

Hi All

Sorry for once again bring this topic (though Ive seen it on the forum a number of times)

1.Just wanted to know if the BP reading has to be taken on the bare arm-can clothing interfere with readings?
2.Does every person have a trend for BP each day-like high during a particular time or is there any universal rule.Does anybody know of BP going up/down due to full stomach/hunger/sleeplessness etc

3.How much swing in the reading s on a particular day is considered normal.

4.Medically any reading uner 120/80 is considered normal.But from all the experienced ladies out there,what would be considered a normal pregnancy reading?Does starting off at lower levels give a better chance for not developing BP?

Iam sorry if the questions seem silly.As you know this is the best place to ask any questions under the moon and still get satisfying answers


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