How long for swelling to go down postpartum?

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Re : How long for swelling to go down postpartum?

Postby darcynulph » Tue Apr 19, 637672 5:26 pm

By my 6 week check up I had lost 32 pounds, most of it in the first 3 weeks. OMG the night sweats were gross. Between the PE and mag I was huge!

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Re : How long for swelling to go down postpartum?

Postby holliadrienne » Tue Apr 19, 637672 5:15 pm

Hang in there! I had PE and had the dreaded Mag and was induced too...all that contributes to the swelling. Mine was not completely gone for about 3-4 weeks, especially in my feet and ankles. Eventually at about 2 weeks postpartum my GYN put me on maxzide for my bp and it is a diuretic and it helped my swelling a lot...just know that some day soon you will look down and say, hey those are my feet finally![:D]

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Re : How long for swelling to go down postpartum?

Postby alexp » Tue Apr 19, 637672 3:39 pm

Mine took about 2 1/2 weeks...I was so miserable, I weighed over 200 lbs and could barely move. Nothing really seemed to help. But once it started to go away, it went pretty quick - it started at the top and went down. My feet were last to look and feel normal.

I hope yours goes away quick, and you are feeling better soon!

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Re : How long for swelling to go down postpartum?

Postby lyndsey » Tue Apr 19, 637672 12:57 pm

It took several months for all of my swelling to go away, but the majority of it went away after the first few weeks because I was given BP meds that also served as a diuretic. It really helped in the length of time it took I think, but it still took at least 2 months, meds or no meds. I guess it really just depends on how much you gained, etc. Hope it doesn't take too long for you.

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Re : How long for swelling to go down postpartum?

Postby catherine » Sun Apr 10, 637672 3:12 pm

I know that at discharge from the hospital at 10 days pp I weighed more than I'd ever weighed in my entire life!!! I think it took about two weeks for the swelling to go away entirely. It was painful enough getting rid of the fluid, I didn't pee it away, it had to sweat its way out, or worse!!!!!

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Re : How long for swelling to go down postpartum?

Postby heather j » Sun Apr 10, 637672 11:45 am

Forever! At least in my case! I was so swollen, when I was initially discharged, that I couldn't even fit into my VERY large maternity pants = and that was after my son was delivered!! Um, yes, it was very depressing. I read a post on here once where someone was given diuretics to help with swelling. I couldn't find a link for you though, so maybe whomever posted it will repost for you. I don't know if that's something doctors normally do or not, but I definitely plan on asking this time around! I hope your swelling goes down sooner rather than later!

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Re : How long for swelling to go down postpartum?

Postby emersons mom » Sun Apr 10, 637672 9:23 am

my swelling took about 4 weeks to go down in my ankles and feet......nothing helped i tried epsom salts to no and cold soaks did no good..........i just had a swelling reoccurrence this last week.....4 months post feet refused to fit in my shoes....thankfully it went away yesterday!!

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How long for swelling to go down postpartum?

Postby haunaniv » Sun Apr 10, 637672 6:17 am

How long did it take for your swelling to go away after delivery? I am one week postpartum. I had PIH during this pregnancy and although my bp is back to normal, I still have lots of swelling. I did have IV's and mag during delivery. Is there anything I can do to help swelling go down?


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