Wife hospitalized in China for PIH

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Re : Wife hospitalized in China for PIH

Postby laura » Sat Jan 10, 2004 12:06 am

Hi Jim, this must be so hard for you to be so far away while all of this is going on!

I searched the "Ask the Experts" section and found the upper limit of the recommended dose of nifedipine:

The best drugs are Labetalol and Nifedipine. The dose of labetalol can be increased to 2400/mg/d and nifedipine up to 120 mg/d. Good luck in your pregnancy.


It's good that her BP's are being controlled at a lower level, it gives them somewhere to go. Often, they'll use the indicators of severe preeclampsia to deliver women, but since your wife is so remote from her due date, they may wait for signs of other things as well.

In the 24 hour urine- normal is 0-150 mg protein, preeclampsia is diagnosed at 300, severe preeclampsia is diagnosed at 5,000 (or 5 grams) Even if she does have as much as 5 grams of protein, they may not decide to deliver her on protein alone, and may wait for signs of visual disturbance, signs that her blood clotting is starting to get impaired, kidney disease, etc.

Hang in there, and let us know how you guys are doing!

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Wife hospitalized in China for PIH

Postby jimp » Sat Jan 10, 2004 11:34 am

My situation is as follows:

Due to an extended illness in her family, my wife had spent the last several months in her native China. She went to local doctors there for her pregnancy. In December she gained a lot or weight and towards the end of the month her feet became swollen and her blood pressure increased. 140-160/85-110. We made an appointment with her doctor, who immediately put her in the hospital December 30 to treat her PIH. (at 28 weeks plus 2 days) . Her urine protein was 30-100mg/dl.

She was given an eye exam, ultrasound (baby estimate 1000 grams), and was administered Nifedipine (10mg 3 times a day). Her blood pressure is checked 3 times a day and the baby’s heart beat is measured twice a day (140-144 beats per minute). A urine test and the urine daily volume are both done daily.

Early this week, intravenously she was given magnesium sulfate, and human albino (?), and Nifedipine was changed to Nifedipine “extended action” pills. Yesterday they gave her an injection to “help develop his lungs” which I expect is a steroid.

Her blood pressure had crept up to being 150-160/100-110. They now increased the frequency of her BP medicine and now it is stable for now at 140/90. Is there a limit to the amount of BP medication that she can take?

Am I correct in assuming that with the steroid injection, the doctors are planning on delivering the baby soon?

What test results do the doctors look for to make their decision to deliver the baby?

Another 24 hour urine test is scheduled for Monday (at 30 weeks). What are the parameters of the results that we should look for? What score is considered normal ?, elevated? critical?

Thank you

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