HELLP in 2nd child.

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Re : HELLP in 2nd child.

Postby catherine » Thu Jan 08, 2004 10:57 am

Hi, welcome to the forum! You are me (in a manner of speaking)! As you can see from my signature I have three, with my preeclampsia and HELLP baby sandwiched in between. Based on the experts view, your chances are probably 5% for reoccurance with HELLP and up to somewhere between 30-40% that you will have preeclampsia. Should you end up with a multiple pregnancy, gestational diabetes or something else that is a risk factor that those odds might change.

The good thing is, even if you have been advised not to have another (been there), once it is a "fait accompli", I found that my OB/perinatologist was very supportive and understood that I wanted to do my best to have another healthy baby with as few consequences to my own health as possible. I hope that you are happy with the level of care you are receiving.. if not, now is the time to seek an expert.

Chloe (the last) was possibly my easiest pregnancy, no signs of hypertension or anything worse. I'm your age too!! So at the good end of things... you might be just like me and have no problems at all.

Obviously, everyone will be much more careful watching you this time around, especially once you get close to the 32 week zone. I know that you are probably a nervous wreck right now but you will adapt to the mental stress[xx(].

Lots of good luck, stay posting!!

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Re : HELLP in 2nd child.

Postby akemt » Thu Jan 08, 2004 10:39 am

To get a really accurate answer to your specific case, you should ask this in the "ask the experts" section and include more information about your last pregnancy. Though, a response there will take some time.

Were you tested for any underlying causes after your last pregnancy? Things like clotting disorders or autoimmune disease. I would suggest seeing a perinatologist/Maternal Fetal Specialist.

Also (stealing from something Anne said recently) if you do a search of the "ask the experts" section for the name Sibai, you may find some good information. He is one of the leaders in the nation reguarding HELLP syndrome.

Other than that, all I can tell you is that it is possible to go either way...to get PE, to get HELLP, or to go completely PE free. According to what I've read in the responses from the experts, it is fairly likely that you'll get PIH or PE in another pregnancy, but the risk of getting HELLP again are much lower. I don't know if that is due to medical intervention or true lessening of incidence (if I stated that well)??? Here is a link that talks about recurrance, but it is fairly vague in your case...sorry!
Will it happen again? Experts weigh in:

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HELLP in 2nd child.

Postby cdmakey » Thu Jan 08, 2004 10:07 am

I had a normal 1st pregnancy in April 2000, but on my second developed pre-eclampia/HELLP and was rushed into hospital at 32 weeks. Delivered baby girl (2lb 6oz)at 32 weeks by C-section in December 2002, and she is doing fine.

Consultant advised not to have another, but unfortunately got pregnant again - now in week 13.

I am 37, married for 10 years, and was wondering what my chances of developing HELLP again are?

Thank you

CD Makey

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