anti-depressants during pregnancy

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Re : anti-depressants during pregnancy

Postby kara » Sat Aug 05, 2006 10:51 am

Hi chrismere,

There are probably medications you can take while you are pregnant, but none of us are qualified to tell you what kinds, or dosages are right for you and your situation. It of course is important to have a healthy mommy for baby. Best advice is to talk to your psychiatrist but ALSO talk to your OB. Your OB will be able to tell you about risks associated with the medication (whichever one that may be) from a pregnancy standpoint better than a psych.

I've had only one panic attack in my life and I am seriously glad I have not had another. They are awful. I'm sure they can find you a solution!
Good Luck!

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Re : anti-depressants during pregnancy

Postby linda00 » Thu Aug 03, 2006 05:15 pm

Hello Christine, I too battle with depression. I had a girl in Oct 2003 6 weeks early due to PE and HELLP but she was beautiful and healthy and her lungs were developed and she was fine. She and I went home 2 days after I delivered her. I tried going off my antidepressants while pregnant with her. I made it through the first trimester and then my doctor put me on Zoloft. I was on it until I delivered then he changed it to Lexapro which I stayed on until we started trying for baby number 2. It took me two months to get pregnant and I stayed off of antidepressants until I made it through the first trimester, then I started having the anxiety and all so he put me back on Zoloft which I am currently on. I don't know what the studies say but I know my doctor says that it is much better to treat it than to not while your pregnant. I am sure there is certain kinds that shouldn't be used but so far so good for me. I know there are very little studies to go on but maybe my personal experience will help you a little. Good luck to you.

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anti-depressants during pregnancy

Postby chrismere » Thu Aug 03, 2006 02:01 pm

I posted this originally is the TTC area but Julie mentioned I should move it up here so here goes.....

I've been reading these boards for a while and really want to have another baby but can't seem to shake the anxiety/panic attacks. I had them before I had my first child and then again afterwards and have been on medication for them which made me feel finally normal. I've gone off them b/c we want to ttc but I have been miserable. Has anyone taken any anti-depressant during pregnancy? Know anyone who did? which ones? outcomes? I'm going to see my pschiatrist Sunday to talk with him about it but I dont' really want to take the risk and have something happen with the baby b/c of me. So maybe I was only meant to have one....
Thank you in advance for all your help.

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