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Re : Concerned & 29 weeks pregnant

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2003 03:55 pm
by laura
You know, I'm thinking that because you didn't have any protein in your urine, and your labwork came out good, the OB wasn't excited- preeclampsia is diagnosed with a BP of 140/90 and a 24 urine protein of 300 mg. So right at this very moment- you don't have PE- which is what your OB would be worried about.

This doesn't mean, however, that's there's nothing to be concerned about. I'd press for a visit with a perinatologist and/or a cardiologist to find out what the heck is going on. And you need to know what's going on. Pregnancy does a weird trick on our bodies- sometimes the stress of pregnancy can reveal underlying problems that have never shown before.

I think this definitely goes beyond the scope of anything that any of us have much experience with, and this is an area with a pretty small margin for error, so press the issue, be assertive, and don't stop until they direct you to someone who can figure this mystery out.

Take care, and PLEASE let us know how you're doing!

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Concerned & 29 weeks pregnant

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2003 11:24 am
by easy2forget1
I was told by my OB to go to the ER last Sunday and be monitored due to having an irregular heartbeat, blurred vision, and some difficulty breathing. They told me then that I had Tachycardia and SVT. My heart was beating 115-130 beats per minute. At the ER they told me that my bloodwork was fine and referred me to a family practioner to follow up with. On Wednesday, I went to the family practioner, and he told me according to the bloodwork they did at the ER, my iron was low and my white blood cell count was up. He took more blood and urine for testing, and made arrangements for me to be fitted with a holter monitor to gather info on my heart this coming Monday. He seemed very concerned because the amount of irregular heartbeats I was having. Well, last night, after having the irregular heartbeats for a week, they increased to my heart skipping 9 beats in one minute, then 7 beats the very next minute. I was having some pain along the right side of my abdomen, and I was feeling very dizzy, my vision was blurred, and I started shaking badly, feeling like I was freezing. My husband took me back to the ER, where the irregular heartbeat showed up on the ECG and an EKG, and my heart rate was going 115-140 beats per minute. The doctor said that it was probably just PAC and that was normal in pregnancy, but that he had not reviewed my chart yet and just hang loose for a while. Then all hades broke lose when he saw my BP was 146/87. He said that was way too high for my last trimester of pregnancy and started asking me questions about my symptoms. Yes, I have been having bad headaches, my hands are swollen badly, I have frequent dizzy spells, and my vision has be very blurred for the last 2 weeks. At this point he starts calling our orders to the nurses about eclampsia. I get a little nervous. They check the baby's heart rate which is up to 168 (he's been between 140-150 almost the entire pregnancy). They draw 4 vials of blood, and do a urine test. Then come back and draw 2 more vials of blood saying the nurse who drew it didn't draw it right and it apparently hemolized (sp?) by the time it got to the lab. After 2 hours of being monitored where my heart was steadily skipping on the ECG screen and my blood pressure was staying in the 140s/80s range, the doctor tells me that he spoke with my OB, and she said my "blood pressure was a little high, but nothing to jump up and down about". And since there was no protien in my urine, they were sending me home. After asking, he told me my white blood cell count was up, but that was normal in pregnancy. And my OB wants to see me on Monday. My discharge papers said I have been diagnosed with palpitations and I'm pregnant. Well duh. My concern is why was the doctor going crazy till he talked with my OB who didn't even come to the hospital? They didn't even monitor the baby at all except for a 15 second check of his heart beat once. My heart rate is staying up, I'm having an irregular heartbeat the won't stop, my white blood cell count is up, my iron is low, my hands and face are swollen, my BP is high for the last trimester of pregnancy, I have very blurred vision and alot of dizzy spells, and nothing is wrong with me??? And the didn't even monitor the baby? I just don't understand. If my OB (rotates between 6 doctors) tells me tomorrow that there's nothing to be concerned about and doesn't even check the baby, I'm switching OBs and hospitals. Does anyone have any clue what might be wrong? Anyone else go through this? Thanks in advance for any info!

& Aidan Ellis (2-25-04)