My first peri appt was a little strange...

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My first peri appt was a little strange...

Postby tahoe4 » Mon Nov 24, 2003 11:45 am

I'm 11 weeks now with my second pregnancy. I had eclampsia with my first and delivered this past December at 34 weeks. With this pregnancy I'll be seeing my OB as my primary and a peri as a secondary. They're supposed to be working together.

So I went to see my OB for my first visit last Wednesday. I had my list of questions ready along with all of my blood pressures documented for her to see. That visit went very well.

I saw my peri for the first time on Friday. I've only seen a peri one time as a pre-pregnancy consult. This peri was in the same practice, but she's leaving the practice now. So the peri I saw on Friday is from the same practice, but the first time I saw her. The visit was very strange. She never took a urine sample or my blood pressure. The only thing she talked about was Lovenox injections that my hematologist recommended starting in the second trimester (due to Factor V Leiden). She said that while she doesn't disagree with the injections, she thinks it's a bit overkill. She thinks baby aspirin should be enough. I did have blood clots in my placenta last pregnancy. I told her about this thinking that maybe she was unaware, but that seemed to have no relevance on her opinion. So she basically left it up to me. That is the only thing she talked about. Nothing about how the next visits would go, how often I'd see her, what tests will be done, very little discussion about my last pregnancy experience and nothing about BP.

I still don't know what the point was of going to see her. She did absolutely nothing for me. She is the head of the MFM department at the hospital so I thought she'd really know what she's doing. Maybe my expectations were too high?? Not sure if this was normal for a peri visit or not. She isn't my primary care, so maybe that's why she did very little for me. When she left the room my husband and I were just staring at each other in disbelief. The least she could have done was take my BP? Does this whole experience sound strange or am I expecting too much from my secondary care?

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