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Re : Scared!!!

Postby tracym » Thu Dec 30, 637649 9:48 pm

Good luck :)

The induction will depend on how favourable you are and how stable your pressure is. Mine was not successful, but my dr mentioned something about me having a "cervix of steel". I have heard of many women with PE having successful inductions.

I wish you all the best.

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Re : Scared!!!

Postby excitedmommietobe » Thu Dec 30, 637649 7:28 pm

I TOTALLY understand!! Im being induced on Mon due to my PIH and I have the same fear of not progressing and needing the c-section!! But there are lots of success stories so hopefully we will both have successful inductions!! Good Luck to you!!

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Re : Scared!!!

Postby lyndsey » Thu Dec 30, 637649 7:15 pm

Hi Christina! Like I just told Noel, obviously it does happen sometimes where an induction doesn't go as planned and you have to get a c/s. But, it doesn't happen as often as it sounds, and its completely possible to go through the birth with high bp and manage to avoid a c/s. It took me 10 hours of drugs and contractions to dialate to 1 cm with high bp and still had a vaginal birth. I hope it goes well for you. Good luck on Wednesday! Please keep us posted.

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Postby babyluvs » Thu Dec 30, 637649 6:58 pm

Hi Everyone,
On Wednesday evening I am going to be induced due to PIH. This is my first pregnancy and I will 38 weeks on Wednesday. My BP keeps getting higher and higher at every appointment. I am so freaked out. I have heard several horror stories about being put on Pitocin and blood pressure going up and having a C-Sec. I know when I first get there Wedneday Evening they are going to use the gel then Thursday start the Pitocin. I am on Atenonol which is wonderful and has helped alot-Why is my Bp/pulse still elevating? Please someone put my mind at ease My blood pressure is probably really high just because of all the worrying I have been doing. Could someone give me some truth to induction. Thanks and sorry this is so long. [:)]

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