Induction Scheduled...

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Re : Induction Scheduled...

Postby melissam » Thu Dec 30, 637649 3:57 pm

Noel that is great News. I am glad to hear it. You are almost there and I am so excited for you. I hope the induction goes well for you. I was induced with my first and everything went well. Congrats on making it this far.

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Re : Induction Scheduled...

Postby ileana » Thu Dec 30, 637649 3:53 pm

Hehe, by the time they took the gel out, I was already in labor so there was no need for Pitocin... I wish you will have the same situation.

Good luck to you! for a beautiful baby and nooo C/S.

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Induction Scheduled...

Postby excitedmommietobe » Thu Dec 30, 637649 1:42 pm

Well I had my weekly drs appt today and my bp was up 134/94, but not as high as it was last week (142/100) when he put me on bedrest. Its been nice and low at home (110-120/65-80) except for when Im up out of bed for too long (like today when I took a shower and got ready for my appt)!! Anyways so the goal was to get me to 37 weeks which is this Sat...almost there!! My dr has decided that instead of waiting for things to get bad (protein was 385 last Wed), he is going to induce me next Mon night. He did have blood work done on me today to ensure that enzymes and platelets still look good. My cervix is still only 50% thinned out so he is going to have to use the gel to hopefully get my cervix to dilate and then hopefully rupture membranes and start pit on Tues morning!! Im hoping that my cervix cooperates and I can avoid a C-section, but I know that an induction increases the risk of needing one!! So Kayli will be here before we know it!! WOOHOO!! :)

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