News about ExcitedMommieToBe (i.e. Noel)

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Re : News about ExcitedMommieToBe (i.e. Noel)

Postby miracle3 » Tue Nov 02, 637649 5:45 am

This is great I am glad to hear that you are being watched closely!!!!

rachel a
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Re : News about ExcitedMommieToBe (i.e. Noel)

Postby rachel a » Mon Nov 01, 637649 9:07 pm

I am glad to hear that you are being taken care of--will be waiting to hear how the 24hr urine comes back. Prayers, hon!

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Re : News about ExcitedMommieToBe (i.e. Noel)

Postby sonja » Mon Nov 01, 637649 5:55 pm

I am so glad that you are now being taken care of. Keep up the good bps.


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Re : News about ExcitedMommieToBe (i.e. Noel)

Postby megansmom » Mon Nov 01, 637649 5:37 pm

Excellent news! Hopefully you will get to go home. Being in a hospital that long is the pits!!!!! My bp always shot up when they talked about sending me home, so they quit mentioning it and just kept me there. Let us know how you are doing.

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Re : News about ExcitedMommieToBe (i.e. Noel)

Postby meg » Mon Nov 01, 637649 4:17 pm

Thanks for the update! I am glad your doc is on top of things now! Its great that your pressures are looking so good!!

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Re : News about ExcitedMommieToBe (i.e. Noel)

Postby excitedmommietobe » Mon Nov 01, 637649 3:50 pm

Hello from my wonderful hospital bed...what did we ever do without laptops and wireless internet? Dee thanks for updating the board and for being so helpful and supportive!!

Well yesterday at my dr's appt he told me he was admitting me for the remainder which hopefully could be another week and a half to 2 weeks. My bp was 142/100 and I had +1 protein. So in I came...worried about all the things I still had to get done before Kayli arrives. So they dipped urine here and only a trace, repeated bw on liver enzymes and platlets and all was well with that. My bp came down almost immediately 129/77 once in the bed and hooked up. The nurse in L&D was convinced I was going home, but thankfully my dr admitted me to do the 24 hr urine I have been wanting, and to continue to monitor my bps! He upped my meds from 250mg twice a day to 500mg and so now here comes the fatigue all over again (probably also has something to do with being woken up every few hrs to take my vitals).

So this morning my dr came in and was shocked that my pressures were looking soo good (108-112/55-75), he said he didnt have any explaination for it except that my body must respond well to bedrest!! He said if my pressures say down, and my 24 hr urine results come back looking good, then he will let me go home on strict bedrest!! Then the nurse came in and my bp was 135/77...a lil high, but maybe it was just because I was excited about the news!!

Well I will be resting lots today and will update later once we get the 24 hr results and know what the plan is!! :)

Thanks for all the support, prayers and well wishes!!

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Re : News about ExcitedMommieToBe (i.e. Noel)

Postby forlogan » Fri Oct 22, 637649 8:19 am stupid am I? I forgot to tell you all that her u/s for her gallbladder came back showing nothing wrong....sorry I forgot earlier...just remembered.

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Re : News about ExcitedMommieToBe (i.e. Noel)

Postby lucy » Fri Oct 22, 637649 7:44 am

Glad she is being watched closely, and thanks for updating us on her.

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Re : News about ExcitedMommieToBe (i.e. Noel)

Postby mom2tori » Fri Oct 22, 637649 7:38 am

I am glad that she is getting the care that she needs right now. Thanks for updating us and let her know she is in our thoughts

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Re : News about ExcitedMommieToBe (i.e. Noel)

Postby meredith » Fri Oct 22, 637649 6:15 am

Thanks for the update.

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