Chicken or the Egg?

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Re : Chicken or the Egg?

Postby missyvixen28 » Tue Dec 25, 637364 4:27 pm

Both my pregnancies i spilled some protien with elavated BP. Both became severe preclampsia pretty quick. Both my boys were born 3wks after i was diagnosed.

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Re : Chicken or the Egg?

Postby lizzybeth » Fri Oct 19, 637364 6:19 am

Count me in! My BP is usually low, but never went too high with my first pregnancy. Though I did have 3+ pitted edema and spilling, i think, 3+ protein as well. I was so swollen, feet legs, face arms and hands. I had the classic Pre-e face, and could have been Cassie's sister. Her avatar is THE classic pre-e face.I did have BP spike after delivery, though.

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Re : Chicken or the Egg?

Postby sandy » Fri Oct 19, 637364 2:46 am

ALLISON! My goodness. And to find out about this for the first time now?!


miranda childers
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Re : Chicken or the Egg?

Postby miranda childers » Thu Oct 18, 637364 4:20 pm

This happened to me too. I had protien show up for 1 whole week with absolutely no blood pressure issues...which is why they sent me home. I guess I didn't realize how uncommon it was.

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Re : Chicken or the Egg?

Postby ileana » Thu Oct 18, 637364 10:32 am

Me too, me too!
We even have an Expert take on it..... I'm looking for it

I was likely way worse than your sister, but anyway... here's the link

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Re : Chicken or the Egg?

Postby miracle3 » Thu Oct 18, 637364 9:56 am

This happened with me. I spilled protein and my bp's were just slightly elevated and only on the top number. It was very different from my other Preeclampsia pregnancies. It was my most recent pregnancy and it was also the most severe.

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Re : Chicken or the Egg?

Postby lorelei » Thu Oct 18, 637364 9:36 am

Sometimes women present first w/protein before bp issues. I think it's rare, but it does happen.

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Chicken or the Egg?

Postby arj » Thu Oct 18, 637364 8:08 am

I didn't realize this until talking to my mom the other day, but my sister, who had her baby back in April, had actually been induced because she was spilling protein. I was deployed and had limited communication, so I never got the full details...

Anyway, so can you have the proteinuria first w/out the BP issues? She didn't have the high readings, but since she was term, they induced her anyway.

I always thought it was preceded by the high BP. Weird.

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