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Postby lucy » Sun Oct 16, 2005 01:21 am

Hey glad to seey ou back and to hear that your family is doing so well.

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Postby denise » Sat Oct 15, 2005 10:35 pm

Hey there Melissa! It's wonderful to hear from you. Sounds like the kiddos are doing great!

Keep in touch!!

rachel a
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Postby rachel a » Sat Oct 15, 2005 10:18 pm

Hello! I have sure missed seeing you around! Gonna stay a while??

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Postby sandy » Sat Oct 15, 2005 05:21 pm

Hi Melissa!!

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julie f
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Postby julie f » Sat Oct 15, 2005 04:12 pm

HEYYYY! It's so good to see a post from you! Wow, Lucy will be one?? I say this all the time but I can't believe how fast time goes... Congrats on Mr. Smarty-Pants Peyton!

Take care and keep in touch!!

Also, I'm not even bf anymore but still a bit of a zombie![;)]

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Postby sweetiesuzy » Sat Oct 15, 2005 02:31 pm

Hi there! Glad to see you! You are always in my thoughts and best wishes.

Glad to hear the kids are well -


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Postby lorelei » Sat Oct 15, 2005 02:13 pm

Hey Melissa! Glad to have you check in. Glad Peyton is doing so well!! WTG! I'm sure Lucy is just a doll. You'll survive the walking I am sure. Dalton scares me to death on a daily basis. He finally crashed in to the coffee table the other day. I knew it was bound to happen...Has a lovely bruise on his cheek.

Anyway, glad to have you stop in!

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Postby akemt » Sat Oct 15, 2005 12:39 am


It's good to hear from you! Seems like it has been forever. I'm happy to hear that minus the sleepless-BF-zombie, all is going well. And you'll survive the walking...mostly! [;)] Great news about Peyton's testing!

I hope everything continues to go well for you,

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Postby cassie05 » Sat Oct 15, 2005 11:01 am

GLad to see you around and that the kids are doing so great :)

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Postby meljoi » Sat Oct 15, 2005 10:52 am

Hello all!
I haven't been around in a bit, but checked in and wanted to say hello to you all.
There has been great news and very very sad news....
it breaks my heart when I am gone and come back and read bad news.

Peyton is in Pre K and loving it. He was recently tested on something called the Dial 3 test, which places him against other kids exactly his age (4 years and 8 months) nationwide. He placed in the top 10%, which was very exciting. He lacks a little in his gross motor skills, but his linguistics were 25 out of 27.
I can't believe he'll be 5 in December.....and while on the talk of birthdays, I am SHOCKED that Lucy will be one next month!!
She talks....yes, she talks. bye bye, hi, boo (blue), doda (dora), ma ma, bra bra (brother), uh uh (up up). I am in BIG trouble if Peyton is the quiet one. She is trying to walk as well, which scares me to's just too early!
She is weighing in at 20.5 and doing just great.

And for those of you that know me....I am still a sleepless, bf zombie!

Hope you are all good[:D]

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