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Re : Your weight

Postby jazymommy » Wed Feb 10, 638315 2:45 pm

With my first pregnancy, I started at 110 lbs (5' 2") I am usualy pretty thin. When I delivered my daughter at 35 weeks with PE, I was over 200 lbs. I started swelling early on. With this one, I started at about 130 (I lost the weight from my daughter, but not the little bit I gained from the 12 weeks I went before I miscarried) I am now 30 weeks and about 185. I am gaining about 5 lbs a week. My doctor doesn't seem to think that is an issue, but with 10 weeks left (at least 7 hopefully) I think that might be a problem. Will have to wait and see.

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Re : Your weight

Postby izkimberly » Wed Feb 10, 638315 12:45 pm

With my first pregnancy, I was ... um ... very heavy for my height, gained 9 lbs at 36 weeks when I delivered (low amniotic fluid, failed non-stress test, small baby). Three to four weeks after delivery, I was down 27 lbs from the beginning of the pregnancy. I think my weight masked how much I had put on in fluids (yet was actually losing real weight).

I'm still heavy (regained the weight loss from the last pregnancy) for this one, and have gained 3 lbs at the 24 week point. No real signs of PIH or problems yet except for a sometimes swollen right foot. I've made an effort to keep eating a maintaining amount of calories, despite similar nausea and lack of appetite, though I'm ok with not gaining anything significant.

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Re : Your weight

Postby hhbeachgurl » Sun Jan 31, 638315 4:52 pm

I was between 105-110...I am 5'2".... when I went into the hospital the final time I was 165, and I know I gained even ore fluid while I was ending was probably around 175-180.....atleast 50 lbs was should see the pics..I am pretty much unrecognizable. The good thing is all of that fell off and within 3 weeks pp I was 115 and have since returned to evn below my pre preg weight

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Re : Your weight

Postby grasshoppamama » Sun Jan 17, 638315 1:02 pm

I was 135# when I conceived. Being 5'2" that is a little overweight. I was 160# when I went in with severe PE symptoms at 32 weeks...then I gained around 30# in 2 days...yeesh! The stretch marks aren't pretty. My husband and I joke about me having freddy kruger skin. I lost most of the water weight a couple of weeks pp.

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Re : Your weight

Postby kim » Thu Jan 07, 638315 7:18 am

I started off my pregnancy at 145 pounds (I'm 5'7", so that was normal for me). I had hyperemesis and got down to 125 by 20 weeks. The day I delivered, I was 170 (My face looked like rubber). After deliver I shot up to 190. Almost 6 years later, and after finding out that I had some major thyroid problems going on, I am now at 152 and not ashamed of being in family photos anymore. :-)

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Re : Your weight

Postby shadow2356 » Wed Jan 06, 638315 7:34 pm

I started my pregnancy at about 160. I gained 6 pounds the first 6 months and 30 pounds in the last 6 weeks. I lost 30 the week she was born and about 10 the next two weeks. I still need to lose. Why is it so hard??

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Re : Your weight

Postby jgrumet » Fri Dec 25, 638314 12:25 pm

did anyone gain a lot of weight right off the bat? I was barely 93lbs at the time of conception (November 10th we figured out!) and my first appointment was November 25th I believe and I was 102lbs! I don't fluctuate in weight at all. I'm a steady 93....I thought that was weird! Also my face got round really quick too. I looked horrible in pictures.

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Re : Your weight

Postby briede » Fri Dec 25, 638314 7:15 am

I was 140 at conception and 235 at delivery. Yes, that is 95 awful pounds. I looked like a balloon! I think I actually gained more after I delivered. The swelling went way down but the weight stayed there.

Now I am overweight and I still weigh about 215. My body isn't built to carry this extra weight. Does anyone else have problems losing the tremendous weight they have put on? Has anyone has success losing the weight?

We are thinking about another baby, but I need to lose about 75 lbs before I would even consider it. It seems like my PE with my son got worse with every pound I gained and it was a cycle.

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Re : Your weight

Postby keneke68 » Sat Mar 08, 637659 1:36 am

I was 160 prior to trying to concieve Was on fertility meds which cause a lot of weight gain. Was at 175 when I found out I was pregnant. At delivery I was 210.

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Re : Your weight

Postby amym » Fri Mar 07, 637659 10:59 pm

I was 120 prepregnancy. I dropped to 117 during morning sickness, then gained a total of 35 pounds, then lost about two when I went on bed rest. Since my daughter was only 4-1/2 lbs., I am guessing I was full of fluid.

I just want to say that if your doctor was trying to say obesity is the cause of PE, that's garbage. If that were the case, 20-30 percent of pregnant women would get PE because that's how many are overweight or obese. It's much more complicated than that. I also would think, in my non-medical opinion, that you should gain just a little weight during any pregnancy. I always hear 15 lbs. as the number for those who are overweight.

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