Forum Guidelines - Updated 2014

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Forum Guidelines - Updated 2014

Postby admin » Thu Apr 12, 640514 11:41 am

The full terms and conditions are available here ... nity-forum, but a few general policies:

Play Nice - be gentle with one another

Our Community Forum is for the emotional and informational support of women and their families who have, have had, or may get preeclampsia. The only way that this can be an emotionally safe place for people is if we all observe some basic boundaries of respectful behavior. This means you need to express your opinion without being rude, sarcastic, insulting, or demeaning. Offending threads will be locked with a post that says: "This thread has been locked because of a potential User Agreement violation." We will then either delete the post or offer you a chance to edit it. Repeat violations will result in your username being "locked" away from use for a specific period of time. Serial violators of the user agreement run the risk of being locked permanently.

Offsite Links

You do not have to get links pre-screened by an administrator prior to posting. However, people assume that information they find in this forum is endorsed by the Preeclampsia Foundation and for this reason, we reserve the right to remove links to off-site sources at our discretion. Links to commercial sites purporting to treat, prevent, or otherwise mitigate the causes and effects of preeclampsia will be removed. Links to approved partners or alliances of the Preeclampsia Foundation can be found here: If you wish to recommend an outside resource to the Preeclampsia Foundation, please contact us.

Cross-Posting on Multiple Forums

Please don't cross post on multiple forums. It makes it harder for the moderators to keep track of discussions and disrupts the search engine. If you are at all concerned about where to place your new topic, please contact a moderator or a member of the admin team for advice. Any multiple posts will be removed by moderators, leaving one topic in its most appropriate forum.


Please note that you may not use contact information or email addresses found in this forum to "spam" or advertise to other members. If you violate this policy, this will result in immediate deletion of your membership, no exceptions.

By participating in this forum you agree to the above guidelines and all of those listed at ... nity-forum


If you have a concern with the Preeclampsia Foundation, our Community Forum Policy or any individual, it is best to communicate directly with the person involved. Email us at privately with your concerns about areas which could be improved.

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