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What's the most successful live auction item ever?

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 639250 12:27 am
by eleni
Saving Grace - our annual benefit gala that will be held in Manhattan this year (11/12/11) - includes a fun, fast-paced live auction and we need your help identifying and securing the most creative, successful live auction items. The professional auction company that we're working with offers these suggestions. Which are your favorites? Do you have contacts that can help us gather some great items? What *other* ideas do you have that will help make this the best auction ever?! Generally, the value of live auction items should be $1,000+, but sometimes that value comes from combining items under a single theme.

Feel free to post your ideas and any progress you're making here or email event co-chair Pat Dignan directly at patdig @ ymail (dot) com.

With your help, we're looking forward to another great party!